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‘Will-Fit’ Doesn’t Cut It

Keeping a hydraulic system free of contamination is critical for system efficiency and longevity, and high quality filtration elements are the key to contamination control. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for customers to seek out low-cost, off-brand imitations of Schroeder Industries filter elements in order to cut down on expense.

Not all filter elements are created equally, and just because a given element fits in a Schroeder filter housing, it doesn’t necessarily provide adequate filtration. Cut-rate imitations may claim that “All filtration elements are guaranteed to meet or surpass all specifications of the original equipment manufacturer” but that’s not always the case. Take a look at the numbers below and see for yourself:

ElementsSchroeder KZ5“Will-Fit” replacement
# of pleats8071
Pleat Height (in)0.630.61
Media Layers65
DHC (g)11984.3
Beta 2004.812.2
Beta 10006.318.1
ElementsSchroeder 27KZ1“Will-Fit” replacement
# of pleats8071
Pleat Height (in)0.630.61
Media Layers65
DHC (g)378.1233.1
Beta 200<412.4
Beta 1000<418.3

Cheaper knockoff filter elements trade functionality for lower cost, exposing the hydraulic system to increased risk of contamination, machine downtime, and system failure. Furthermore, the blame for these failures may be wrongly placed on the housing manufacturer, not the cut-rate filter element.

How can we ensure that proper, high-quality filtration elements are being used?

Quality Protection: Guaranteeing High Quality Filter Elements, Every Time

Quality Protection is Schroeder’s answer to the problem of mismatched, inadequate elements. The patented, premium Quality Protection elements are engineered specifically for superior performance when paired with Schroeder filter housings.

Quality Protection logo with lineup of Quality Protection filter elements

What does Quality Protection mean?

  • End users cannot substitute “will-fit”, low quality elements for a Quality Protection element
  • OEM’s will capture aftermarket revenue from Quality Protection elements; exponential growth year after year
  • Increase in machine productivity and reliability when Quality Protection filtration elements are deployed
  • Overall reduction in warranty claims when hydraulic equipment is protected by superior filtration

Why Do My End Users Need Quality Protection?

Pie chart detailing expense breakdowns including the cost of hydraulic system downtime, hydraulic equipment repair and replacement, and other expenses

Hydraulic system downtime and repairs represent a significant portion of overall costs to equipment end users. Contamination is the leading cause of hydraulic machine downtime, accounting for as much as 70% of premature machine failures. Ensuring the highest quality filtration protects your end users’ equipment from contamination-related failures and associated costs.

How Does Quality Protection Benefit My Business?

Quality Protection is the clear choice for protecting your end user’s hydraulic equipment from contamination-related damage, but how does it benefit your business directly?

Not only will your equipment perform at like-new levels, but Quality Protection can also provide an increase in aftermarket retention year over year. By taking advantage of our Quality Protection filter elements with the private labeling option, you may see up to 90-100% aftermarket retention. Compare this to the expected retention when using standard Schroeder elements with or without private labeling.

Over a 10 year period, one may sell an estimated triple the quantity of filter elements when implementing a Quality Protection strategy than without. The associated boost to sales margins makes this a highly profitable, winning strategy.

Graph representing the increase in quantity and sales margin for a Quality Protection filter element strategy versus non-Quality Protection

Quality Protection Solutions

GeoSeal Quality Protected elements for hydraulic filters

Geo Seal®| Patented Quality Protection

US Patent D658740

The element grommet and mating bushing are given a new geometric shape

  • Provides a unique way for OEMs to retain replacement element business and keeps a filter’s performance at the level it was supplied
HydraSPIN Quality Protected elements for hydraulic filters

GH6, GH9, GH11, & GH14
HydraSPIN Filters

Only filters to offer a full range of a cartridge style element, but in a robust metal housing

  • Up to 35 gpm (130 L/min) HydraSPIN Filters (GH6 & GH9),
  • Up to 87 gpm (325 L/min) HydraSPIN Filters (GH11 & GH14)
  • Capable of delivering the best performance solution for any hydrostatic or CVT application challenge
Air Fusion Technology Quality Protected elements for hydraulic filters

Air Fusion Technology (AFT)

Patent Pending In-tank filter design

  • Lightweight; as part of a tank optimization package can reduce reservoir size
  • Lock & Key Quality Protected, OEM specific interfaces available
  • Superior de-aeration performance
  • 360 degree swivel connection; lines stay connected during element changeouts
  • Part of Schroeder Industries 2030 Initiative
Lock & Key Quality Protected elements for hydraulic filters

Lock & Key

Quality-Protected Design for OEMs

Patent protected design that can be customizable to specific OEM requirements

  • The bushing acts like a lock, the end cap acts as a key, and only a matched “Lock & Key” will allow the element to seal on the bushing
  • Unique and customizable patterns for OEMs to “own” an exclusive design for their equipment
  • Currently utilized in high pressure housings and AFT technologies

Private Labeling Solutions

Incorporating a private labeling program has proven benefits for aftermarket element business retention, and offers additional protection against inferior, cut-rate filter element substitutions. Schroeder offers a full line of branding solutions for filter elements, including our Quality Protection items. Review our Private Labeling Capabilities Form and email to plan your private labeling program!

Private Labeling Capabilities Form

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