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Schroeder Industries works tirelessly to provide innovative, effective filtration solutions. The GPT is a new hydraulic filter engineered to resolve a common problem with similar filters on the market: contamination from the bypass.

What makes the GPT the ideal hydraulic filter for cold start conditions?

Image of GPT filter with a splash of oil.

When a hydraulic machine is shut down and the fluid stops flowing, contaminants will settle loosely onto the filter.

In cold start conditions, when the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid increases, the high differential pressure will force the filter into bypass. Until the machine and fluid warms up, thus lowering the  viscosity, the fluid will bypass the filter and enter the hydraulic system directly.

Competitive filters currently available in the market have the bypass located low or within the element, where contaminants have settled during shutdown. If the system starts in bypass, all of that dirt is forced into the system without being filtered, flooding the system with harmful contaminants.

Unlike these other filters, the GPT bypass is located up top, in the diverter cap. This keeps the contaminants settled in the bottom of the filter from entering the system through the bypass.

Flow Rating:Up to 175 GPM (662 L/min) FOR 150 SUS (32 cSt) Fluids
Max. Operating Pressure:150 PSI (10.3 bar)
Min. Yield Pressure:Consult Factory
Rated Fatigue Pressure:89 psi (6 bar)
Temp. Range:-20° F to 225° F (-29° C to 107° C)
Bypass Setting:Cracking: 35 PSI (2.4 bar)
Ported Head and Cap:Die Cast Aluminum
Element End Caps:Nylon
Weight:7 LBS. (3.18 kg)
Element Change Clearance:20.0” (508 mm)


  • Filter bypass in cap vs base, provides cleaner cold start
  • Patent-pending in-tank design
  • Lock & Key Quality Protection
  • Reusable diverter cap offers environmental advantages
  • Fast, easy change-out solution
  • A variety of media options and micron ratings

Markets Served:

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Defense
  • Forestry
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Mining Technology
  • Mobile Vehicles
  • Oil & Gas
  • Railroads
  • Refuse

Diagram showing the GPT filter reusable diverter cap, separated from the filter element.

Reusable diverter cap reduces landfill waste for a more sustainable filter design.

An unfortunate reality of filtration is the disposal of used elements, which contributes to the waste stream.

Keeping with the principles of our Energy Sustainability Initiative, Schroeder Industries is always looking for more sustainable angles in our product designs.

Our engineers saw the opportunity to reduce waste in our GPT design by developing a reusable diverter cap. Typical filters discard the diverter cap along with the filter element, but the reusable GPT design reduces the amount of waste material being disposed of.

With the GPT, element changeouts are fast and easy, and the Lock & Key Quality Protection ensures that only the highest-quality elements are being used.

Banner reading: Learn more about the GPT and assembly process! View data sheet.

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