Schroeder Industries Offers Filtration Management as a Service (FMaaS)

What is Filtration Management as a Service?

We are pleased to announce an all-new service called ‘Filtration Management as a Service.’

In the most simplest of terms, with our Filtration Management as a Service, Schroeder owns, delivers, and maintains the filtration capital equipment needed to achieve your oil cleanliness goals:

  • We work with your team to establish the fluid conditioning goals.
  • We constantly filter and/or dehydrate the hydraulic & lubricating oils in your plant to meet these goals.
  • We manage fluid cleanliness process to ensure uptime and to all but eliminate the need for contracting with a mobile recycling company.


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Schroeder Filtration Management as a Service (FMaaS)

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Market Research

We are confident that we do this at the most competitive cost per gallon of oil processed.

In surveying the market and with other services like this offered, we are confident that we do this at the most competitive cost per gallon of oil processed.

To put this into context – we are the hydraulic filtration & fluid conditioning system designers and manufacturers. This makes us the true experts.

The recycling companies are not system designers.

Schroeder Industries knows how to deliver targeted cleanliness and we live or die by the performance of our systems. In turn, we live our fluid conditioning solutions and now our services.

  • We are 100% aligned with the customers goals.
  • We have the knowledge, tools and experience to deliver better.


Why Would a Customer Want On-Site Filtration Management as a Service?

Many companies either don’t have:

  • The capital available to invest in the needed filtration / Internet of Things (IoT) solutions or the manpower to run their systems at OEM-specified cleanliness levels.
  • The IoT tools to collect data or the expertise required to quickly act on the data.


Schroeder Industries’ Filtration Management as a Service (FMaaS)

We provide everything in one package.

Schroeder owns, maintains and operates the systems where needed at a low per gallon processing fee.

We allow for a controlled fluid cleanliness project scope and we do this by eliminating contracted personnel who can be working for unpredictable periods.

Our service comes without the overinflated scope or budget creep that day rates can bring.

Example: If you recycled 10,000 gallons at a $1.00 per gallon, we can maintain the same reservoir for 30% less per gallon and extend the life of that fluid with a continuous fluid cleanliness process. Yes, we are unique because our process is continuous (i.e. we continuously maintain and monitor the fluid quality). We don’t fix a problem, we stop it from occurring. We’ll run our fixed systems for a month at a charge that is 30% less than what the oil recycler charges for a one (1) time clean up.

Why choose a fixed installation recycling/conditioning program for your critical assets and why fixed vs. an on-demand mobile truck recycling contract?

What is the real value?

A fixed installation program provides reduced lubrication maintenance costs while also freeing-up your plants’ limited lubrication and reliability resources for higher value work.



Our units are equipped with remote condition & fault messaging that reports any potential fluid cleanliness faults to our team and/or your team (if chosen).

We work with the customer to set the targeted performance levels and we maintain them.

We do not show up to simply fix the oil.

We maintain the oil and in turn the integrity of the system.

On top of this, we provide the single highest impact tool to meet your Carbon Reduction Initiatives.

Not only do we reduce and, in some oil types, eliminate the amount of waste oil that is sent out for disposal, we also eliminate the need for outside contractors and the need to schedule disruptive on-site oil cleaning / recycling visits.

Our service is non disruptive, but better yet, eliminates repetitive recycling trucking emissions that come with each contracted job.

Going one step further, our work is completed with fewer liability issues for the plant.



Our approach and our service allow your team the time they need to do higher value work.


The reason for Filtration Management as a Service (FMaaS):Factory worker checking on equipment

Greater than 70% of all machine failures can be traced back to the hydraulic fluid cleanliness.

Some maintenance personnel think that the oil running through their equipment is clean, but they’re not seeing particulate contamination with the naked eye.

What they don’t know is that something is causing components to fail in their equipment.

The cause of component failure is related to these “invisible” particles.

They are wearing out the gears, bearings, seals, damaging the pumps and sticking the valves.

Any scenario can happen in an instant if the fluid is not constantly maintained. All of which can lead to costly component repairs.

Water can also be a contaminate in the hydraulic oil. This can lead to reduced oil life and component life.


Application Dependent

We manage:

  • Fluid cleanliness
  • Water removal to percent saturation targets specific to the oil type and applications
  • Fluid temperature
  • All in real-time with the ability to track proportional condition changes with remote monitoring capabilities and independent of your distributed computer system (DCS).


But how do you know where to start with a filtration program?

An oil analysis will help to determine the health of your system.

With the oil analysis in hand, you learn what your contamination level is and then we work to establish next steps and tools needed to achieve clean oil.


How does Filtration Management as a Service Work?

Schroeder offers filtration equipment to safely and efficiently remove the particulate and/or water contaminants present in the hydraulic systems.

Our kidney loop filtration units allow us to connect directly to the hydraulic or lube oil reservoir(s) and filter the system while it continues to operate.

With high flow rates to turn over the reservoir volume and high dirt holding capacity (DHC) elements, particulate contamination is easily removed, and system cleanliness can be maintained.


Watch on YouTube “Kidney Looping Filter Systems”.

Our dehydration units are installed and directly connected the lube oil reservoir while the system is in operation to remove both free and dissolved/emulsified water.  Particulate filtration is also included on the dehydrator to filter the fluid before it is returned to the reservoir.

  • Schroeder will oversee the installation of the filtration and/or dehydration equipment in the customer’s plant.
  • Schroeder owns the equipment, or we can rent-to-own if desired.

In either case we maintain the equipment for the duration of the agreement.

With this service, there is an option to pay a cost per gallon of oil processed. This will be the case if Schroeder still owns the assets (turn key).

Schroeder also offers our Rental Equipment Program at a reduced cost.


Our Filtration Management as a Service will provide to the customer:

  • Cost savings due to reduction in new oil purchased
  • Lower waste oil disposal costs
  • Reduced unit downtime, maintenance costs
  • Increased fluid life as well as system component life
  • Increased equipment reliability
  • A significant & measurable Carbon reduction tool


Schroeder Oil Recycling Example:

  • Starting ISO Code: 24/22/20
  • Target ISO Code: 17/15/12
  • Equipment: Filtration Skid – 37 gpm installed on the (6000 gallon) hydraulic oil reservoir with 2 – 39” high DHC filter elements in series
  • Cost per gallon of oil processed per month: 24,000 gallons at $1.25 per gallon
  • Contract: 2 years

At the end of the contract, the customer can renew or purchase the equipment at a very significant discount. One that does not create issues with capital spending approval.