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Schroeder Introduces Reservoir Filtration System Adapter Kit

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To view the Reservoir Filtration System Adapter, click here.

The Schroeder Reservoir Filtration System Adapter (RFSA) is a solution for continuous protection of fluid during sampling and filling processes.

This product provides an air tight seal when extracting fluids through the breather space on a tank or direct from a filter system. Suitable for reservoir hosts (or systems) either offline or online. The RFSA is the best companion for wherever a supply of fluid is available for sampling.

The air tight seal ensures entrained airborne contamination is minimized.  It also consistently upholds filter medium and breather protection. Both important steps to keeping solid particles out of fluid.

The RFSA* is made with an aluminum body and gives a kidney loop filter direct access to a reservoir through a breather port.

*See also Schroeder’s Reservoir Breather Fluid Sampling Adapter (RBSA).

Both adapters allow the tank to remain sealed during kidney loop filtration and fluid sampling to reduce contaminate ingression.


Ideal for sampling mineral-based fluids through:

  • Transfers
  • Fills
  • Mineral based hydraulic reservoirs with no other access points available for installation of an offline filter system.RFSA rendering


This adapter can accommodate kidney loop filtration rates up to approximately 15 gallons per minute (gpm).

It’s primary design function is to allow for a quick connection to fluid conditioning units such as hot filtration carts and kidney loop systems.

Schroeder’s RFSA will keep the tank sealed assuring that all fluid is protected.


Markets and Opportunities

Any market that has a need for fluid to pass through the filter is a perfect environment for the Schroeder RFSA. Heavy equipment operating in dirty or dusty environments pose the increasingly big challenge of keeping contaminants out of tanks. These are the folks that can largely benefit from an RFSA. Markets including:


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Watch on YouTube “RFSA | New Product Release + What’s New In Filter Systems”.


To view the Reservoir Filtration System Adapter, click here.


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