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    Schroeder Industries offers a complete line of High, Medium and Low pressure filters to meet the demanding applications of the Recreation Industry. Amusement park attractions demand the highest level of reliability and safety and Schroeder is ready to assist with fatigue rated housings, high efficiency Breathers, and accurate particle counting and diagnostic equipment. From the Component to the System, whether it be Hydraulics or Lubrication, providing you with the best solution is our goal.

    Through our Fluid Care Center, we are able to assist you with on-site advice, collaborative development, testing, and validation of your products and therefore also guarantee service.

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    Hydraulic & Lube Filtration

    • Schroeder Industries offers a complete line of high, medium, and low pressure filter assemblies to fit almost any hydraulic or lubrication application in the recreation industry. Extensive testing and years of application experience make Schroeder Industries the best choice when improving an existing system or designing a new system. You can count on Schroeder to have the products you need for your demanding fluid power and lubrication applications.
    • Medium pressure filter K9:
      • Multiple inlet and outlet porting and porting sizes, extremely versatile design.
      • Top loading offer easy element change out.
      • Stackable elements provide reduced inventory.
    • Branding Capabilities and or Patented Schroeder GeoSeal® Technologies: Ensure availability of spare parts, branding the filter housing for improvement of product identification.

    Filter Systems


    • Fluid power and Lubrication systems in amusement and water parks are relied upon every day for trouble free operation. Keep systems running smoothly by monitoring the contamination levels and water levels in real time with Schroeder diagnostic tools. Particle counters and water sensors will alert you when there is an issue, our filter carts and water removal equipment will give you the ability to correct the problem before major damage can take place. With as much as 90% of all hydraulic system outages caused by increased contamination, management and preventative maintenance is the key to the reliability of these systems. Rely on Schroeder Industries to supply the best quality products to keep your systems running at peak performance Top Product here:
    • TestMate® Contamination Monitor | TCM
      • Continuously measure solid contamination in your fluids with this compact monitor that uses an optical sensor to measure particles in four sizes: >4, >6, >14, >21 microns.
      • Real time condition monitoring allows for total predictive maintenance.
      • Cost effective contamination monitoring in a versatile, tough, and easy to use package.
    • Triton Dehydration Station® | Triton-A
      • Extremely portable, durable water removal and particulate removal in one system.
      • Simple controls with no vacuum pump maintenance issues.
      • Schroeder Triton products will remove 100% of free water and up to 90% of dissolved water from reservoirs, barrels and gear boxes.



    Fuel Filtration

    • Diesel Fuel is the backbone of most backup power systems in Amusement and Water parks. Fuel that is water free and contaminate free is the key to these systems being ready to run in a moment’s notice. Power generation systems need to supply uninterrupted power to maintain a safe environment for park visitors. Schroeder is leading the way with the finest coalescing and filtration products available today.
    • Bulk Diesel Filter | BDF
      • Particulate filtration at 1 and 3 microns, utilizing Excellement® Z-Media®.
      • Coalescing filtration delivers 99.5% single pass free and emulsified water removal efficiency.
    • Bulk Diesel Fuel Filter Cart | BDFC
      • Move from fuel tank to fuel tank with this portable cart.
      • Particulate filtration at 1 and 3 microns, utilizing Excellement® Z-Media®.
      • Coalescing filtration delivers 99.5% single pass free and emulsified water removal efficiency.

    Element Technology

    • Reliability is the key to a successful Amusement park or Water park. Keep your hydraulic and lubrication systems running at their peak performance with clean fluid supplied by Schroeder filter elements. Schroeder Industries is the industry leader in filtration technology, we supply high efficiency, maximum dirt holding capacity and excellent beta stability, with minimum pressure drop. Rely on Schroeder to supply your operation with the best overall value in filter elements.
    • Excellement® Z-Media®
      • Superior flow characteristics with low pressure drop.
      • Very high dirt holding capacities
    • Anti-Stat Pleat ASP
      • Multi-layer construction with added Anti-Stat layer provides maximum filtration efficiency plus electrostatic discharge reduction.
      • Varnish reduction


    • A hydraulic or lubrication reservoir is an important component of any system, keep it clean and working properly with Schroeder Industries reservoir accessories. The installation of high quality breathers is the first step to obtaining a clean and efficient system. Remember this rule of thumb: “it costs 10 times more to remove contamination from your system than it does to exclude it from your system.”
    • Air Breather | ABF-3/10
      • Durable metal housing
      • Large pleated surface areas offer high dirt holding and air flow capacity.
    • Desiccant Air Breathers | DBE
      • Unique air flow design with suction tube as splash protection and protection against absorbent getting into tank.
      • Staged absorbent for optimal drying efficiency.

    Process Filtration

    • The Amusement and Water Park market demands clean, clear water for water features, rides, and attractions. Schroeder Industries offers high quality, dependable products that can remove debris, sand, and other contaminants from your water. Automatic self-cleaning backflush filters and Automatic Twistflow filters offer a low maintenance and cost-effective solution to your contamination elimination needs.
    • Automatic Backflush Filter | RF3
      • Self-cleaning, backflushing system for extracting particles from low viscosity fluids.
      • Continuous filtration even during backflushing
    • Automatic Twist Flow Strainer | ATF
      • Trouble-free automatic filtration for removing particles between 200µm and 3000µm.
      • Well suited for removing suspended Solid particles from low viscosity fluids.
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