Hydraulic and Lube Filters

What is Tank-Mounted Filtration?

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The most important component on a hydraulic reservoir is the filter. It is most important because it ensures the stored fluid remains clean and free of contamination. The performance of everything in a hydraulic system depends on the quality of the hydraulic fluid.

Tank Mounted Low Pressure Filters

Tank-mounted filters are the most flexible and robust in the hydraulic world. They have wide ranges of configuration and available features.

Some of these features can include the location of the mounting, meeting specific standards, sizing of entire unit, and more.

Unlike our High Pressure Filters, which are better utilized as top ported, our Tank-mounted filters have multiple inlet port options.

Here at Schroeder, we strive to stay on the front end of innovation with tank mounted filters.

We have extensive experience in designing filter products that can fit every application associated with the reservoir set up. This involves creating custom options depending on a customer’s specific need. Our products can cater to every porting configuration and indicator orientation that is commonly seen in the hydraulic world.


Offering Custom Specialized Designs to Fit Any Application

From larger robust units to compact specialized designs, we have something for everyone in our catalog. Throughout the years, our engineering team included several customized options into standard offering. What the customer needs will likely be found in our catalog. Our expertise will allow us to further customize the products to further fit customer needs.

Schroeder currently has several options for all of our products. This is why we include a Model Code Builder in our catalog for every product. This help our customers figure out exactly what they need. It also showcases how many options we have to offer.

We currently provide a vast amount of options. But, we are more than willing to create something new and specialized for a customer.


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For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries Tank-Mounted Low Pressure Filters, click here.