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Rolling Media Filtration at Schroeder Industries

The Schroeder Rolling Media Filter (RMF) is the most simply designed filter, with the simplest controls. Though it is simple, it can handle a lot of complex applications. Are you looking to offer complex solutions to your customer? Rolling Media Filtration is the direction you should be looking towards.

The RMF provides a highly efficient and reliable means of removing solids from process liquids.

Process liquids can include water, oil, waste water, river water, backwash, low-viscosity fluid, which are liquids that flow freely (water, emulsions, fuels, and coolants) and more.

The Schroeder RMF is a non-pressurized system which is economical and easy to operate.

The RMF can handle occasional system upsets or overloads without blinding the filter media.

A system upset can occur when an abundant amount of contamination enters the equipment.

The RMF is fully automatic system that ensures efficient cleaning of any process fluid. It accomplishes this while optimizing the amount of media used. The solids are discharged as a cake for easy handling and disposal or incineration.

The liquid to be filtered is pumped or gravity fed into inlet. It is then distributed to the flood box.

This slows the velocity and discharges the liquid over the entire width of the filter media. The liquid filters through the media, and the solids are left behind collecting on the filter media surface.

The clean liquid is discharged through the outlet into a tank or discharged into an open system. As the solids are collected on the filter media, the liquid level rises to a preset level. A level sensor initiates an index cycle and fresh media is indexed displacing a portion of the spent media.

The media is then discharged to a waste container.

The RMF can be used in conjunction with Schroeder’s Automatic Backflushing Filters.

While filtration is typically limited to 15-20 micron with backflushing filters, using the RMF alongside can bring the filtration down to 7 micron. Where the Automatic Backflush Filters may encounter problems, the RMF can solve them. The RMF is able to filter through fiberous and sticky particulate, such as algae or chemicals that could cause clogging in automatic backflushing filters.

Benefits of Rolling Media Filtration

  • Works with low pressure
  • Reduces manual labor in bag or cartridge replacements
  • Reduces amount of disposables thereby reducing cost
  • Moderate to high dirt load

The innovative compact design of The Schroeder Rolling Media filter allows for easy integration into the following:

  • Newly designed equipment
  • Existing equipment
  • OEM system


Industries Served


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The Schroeder Guarantee

Schroeder ensures protection of product and equipment, no matter what the project.

To do this, it is important to perform selective filtering of solids from gas and liquid process streams.

Poor filtering can cause a degradation of your final product or failure of equipment.

This can cause hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in downtime or wasted product.

An infinite amount of applications and gases/liquids exist and Schroeder has the expertise to determine your optimal filtration needs. Schroeder has the optimized filtration solution based on your media, economics, permits, filtration goals, etc. This can include industrial processes, mining food and beverage, drinking water and wastewater.


For the Schroeder Industries’ Rolling Media Filter listing, click here.


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