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A Filter Cart is a stand-alone unit that operates independent of the main system. They are often referred to as an offline filtration or kidney loop system. They can also be thought of as portable oil filtration systems.

Filter Carts have many applications in a plant:

  • Filtering incoming hydraulic fluids prior to adding to bulk storage
  • Transfer and Filtering of fluids before adding to a hydraulic reservoir
  • Supplement current filtration already in the system
  • Roll-off cleanliness – cleaning a reservoir on a piece of equipment prior to shipment


Our filter carts are equipped with high efficiency elements to remove solid particulates and/or free water quickly and efficiently. We offer this in either single or staged filtration configurations.

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Systems include simple filtration carts to our SMART carts. These include contamination monitoring units such as our CS1220, AS1008 and sensor interfaces for data logging and data transfer.

Various flow rates are available depending on model code selected. Customizable kidney loop systems can also be designed for a particular application.

Whether your machine is new or many years old, the cleaner the hydraulic fluid, the better the operating condition.

We know that contamination is a leading cause of hydraulic repairs and replacements. Clean fluid is critical to proper system operation.

In hydraulic systems, 70 to 90% of wear and failure is contamination related. Issues such as defects, misuse or age can be traced to only 10 to 30% percent of failures.

Unfortunately, Contamination cannot be stopped. However, with Schroeder technology, it can be slowed down!


  • Supplementing continuous filtration by system filters
  • Cleaning up a hydraulic system following component replacement
  • Filtering new fluid before it is put into service
  • Transferring fluid from storage tanks and drums to system reservoirs


Schroeder Industries offers up to 10 different types of carts. All of these carts offer the accessibility to mobile use. The mobility allows for easy portability and takes up less storage space.

System efficiency can drop by up to 20% before an operator even detects a problem. This can appear as cylinder drift, jerky steering, erratic operation or slower performance. Overall, contamination results in shorter service intervals, higher operating costs and lost productivity.

A major portion of particulate contamination can be effectively and efficiently removed by using our Fluid Condition Monitoring filtration equipment. This can lead to potentially saving a company production costs in the future.

The result will be improved fluid condition and consequently extended life expectancy of fluid and equipment resulting in significant cost savings.

Fluid cleanliness is a top priority for Schroeder Industries and our filter carts can achieve that.

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To view the Schroeder Industries Filter Carts, click here.


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