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Automatic Backflushing Filters and Strainers

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For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries’ Automatic Backflushing Filters and Strainers, click here.

Automatic Backflushing Filters are part of a complete process filtration system.

They filter low viscosity liquids, which are liquids that flow freely (water, emulsions, fuels, and coolants), and offer a system self-clean feature, cleaning the reusable cone shaped filter elements via a controlled mechanism.

Schroeder’s Automatic Backflush Filters protect most process functions, leading to:

  • Increased life expectancy
  • Less orders of disposables like bags and cartridges
  • Enhanced service life of components
  • Enhanced service life of systems
  • Efficient production runs
  • Improved quality of the medium being filtered


These result in reduced maintenance and labor costs, as well as overall production costs.

Schroeder Backflushing Filters and Strainers

Because these products result in a low volume of backwash, it minimizes the environmental impact. The lower amount of maintenance and staff intervention gives these filters a small footprint when it comes to ecological standards.

Learn more about Schroeder’s environmental impact here.

Schroeder Industries has years of of extensive industry expertise. The quality of our products, services and product management are tailored to your needs.


Self-Cleaning Functioning Within Filters and Strainers

Our automatic backflushing filters offer a self-cleaning function.

This occurs when the amount of contamination collected in the elements increases triggering a backwash to clean the entire system and ensuring that contamination does not enter back into the fluid/water systems.

Schroeder’s self-cleaning filters are used for extracting particulate contaminants.

We also offer an adjustable timer to start this process.

In the age of energy efficiency and energy-savings, offering a timed filtration of backwashing water conserves energy and leaves the postproduction issuing the service open to power other areas.

These timers are conveniently located on the inside of all control panels included on our line of Automatic Backflush Filters.

There is also a cycle start button located on the front of each control panels.


Filter Elements and Other Unique Features

The filter elements were created in a cone shape for optimal filter area for filtration and automatic self cleaning.

This cone design results in an even flow distribution. Thus providing a low pressure drop and equal distribution of contaminate inside the elements.

These elements are specifically designed for isokinetic (characterized by or producing a constant speed) filtering and backflushing.


What Is A Backwash Filter?

Particles in process fluids have an influence of the quality of the end product. They increase the weakening of system components.

Proper protection through efficient filtration is needed.


Benefits of Automatic Backflushing

  • Non-stop filtration
  • Virtually maintenance-free filter for continuous operation
  • Separation of solid particles
  • Excellent price to performance ration
  • High filtration quality
  • Low occurrence of service staff intervention
  • Low operating cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Efficient design/small footprint envelope
  • Low backwash volume reducing treatment costs
  • Chemicals not required for flocculation


Industries Served


Watch on YouTube “RF3: Automatic Backflush Filter Technologies”.


The Schroeder Guarantee

Schroeder ensures protection of product and equipment, no matter what the project.

To do this, it is important to perform selective filtering of solids from gas and liquid process streams.

Poor filtering can cause a degradation of your final product or failure of equipment.

This can cause hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in downtime or wasted product.

An infinite amount of applications and gases/liquids exist and Schroeder has the expertise to determine your optimal filtration needs. Schroeder has the optimized filtration solution based on your media, economics, permits, filtration goals, etc. This can include industrial processes, mining food and beverage, drinking water and wastewater.


Watch on YouTube “ATF: Automatic twist flow centrifugal – with separation”.


For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries’ Automatic Backflushing Filters and Strainers, click here.


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