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Schroeder BestFit® Replacement Elements

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For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries’ BestFit® Replacement Elements, click here.

Having trouble with your current filter element?

Are you experiencing higher ISO counts and shorter changeout intervals?

Is your filter element not performing up to your expectations? Here at Schroeder Industries, we can help you with a filter element solution that fits your needs with our BestFit element program!

Our BestFit element family consists of many different standard cartridge and spin-on replacement elements. Utilizing all our unique element media technologies such as synthetic microglass media, high collapse, cellulose, water removal, anti-stat pleat, and much more!

Each BestFit element is manufactured to outperform our competitors in all major categories of element performance. Most importantly, we offer the easiest way to determine the Schroeder equivalent of more than 42,000 competitive elements.

We created Schroeder online Element Crossover Search, accessible through our Resources tab on our website.

To access our Schroeder online Element Crossover Search, click here.

How To Use The Element Crossover Search

As you enter the program, you will be directly taken the cross-reference tab. This page allows you to match the filter elements by entering either the manufacturer’s name or part number in two ways:

1) Type a competitor element part number in the top search bar. The search can activate as soon as three alphanumeric characters are entered (no spaces or symbols).


2) Use the two drop down menus to find the competitor and part number you are trying to cross.

When a cross has been located, the results are shown in the table below the search bars. The results in the table include: The corresponding Schroeder BestFit® replacement element, element nominal dimensions (ID, OD, and length), media type, micron rating, element style (e.g., cartridge or spin-on), and a link to the element sales drawing for the desired information on it.

After you click on the link, you will be brought to a page showing the sales drawing of the element that you have crossed to with all the desired information on it. This includes: Element with Nominal Dimensions, Flow Direction, Seal Material/Type, Dirt Holding Capacity, Beta Efficiency Ratings, Material Used, Collapse & Temperature Rating, etc.

If you are still not satisfied with what we can provide, you can put us to the test! We can perform a head-to-head comparison on element performance with our MPT test stand or HLCT test stand. Let us determine the real-world results for each element.

If there is an element that cannot be crossed, let us know and Schroeder will work with you in finding a replacement solution to your element problem!

Whether we have the solution already or need to reverse-engineer the product, our dedicated product management and engineering team will deliver a solution to ensure that we are providing your hydraulic system’s “best fit”!



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For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries’ BestFit® Replacement Elements, click here.


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