• Overview

    Schroeder Products and Services, coupled with our technical expertise, new product development program, ongoing improvements in manufacturing processes, the HF4 standard is the automotive in-plant hydraulic element standard and it is based on Schroeder’s K-size high performance elements and commitment to meeting the customer’s needs enables us to be considered “The Filter Company of Choice”.

    Our products and systems are specified distributed throughout the automotive market and are involved in motor vehicle production. We apply our Advanced Fluid Conditioning Solutions® as a key service to plants building critical automotive components, engines and transmission packages.

    Below are a few examples of areas where Schroeder has be an asset to the automotive industry:

    • Lowering of warranty claims by maintaining ISO cleanliness levels that meet or exceed requirements.
    • Standardization of components and systems
    • Consultation, engineering and training
    • Worldwide service, repair, maintenance and replacement parts supply
    • Online particle count monitoring
    • Water removal from systems
    • Online and offline filtration products

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    Hydraulic & Lube Filtration

    • Low/Medium/High pressure Assemblies – Singular and Modular
    • ​ Oil Analysis Service

    Filter Systems

    • Mobile and Stationary Conditioning Systems
    • Kidney Loop – Compact and Stationary
    • Mobile Filtration Carts – X-Skids
    • Diagnostic Products: Portable and Fixed

    Fuel Filtration

    • Filtration and Pre-Treatment Products
    • Dry Wash Purification Systems
    • Fuel Coalescing Filtration
    • Final Polishing Systems

    Element Technology

    • Elements – Synthetic/Cellulose – Standard and High Pressure


    • Breathers – Air and Desiccant.

    Process Filtration

    • Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters
    • Automatic Strainers
    • Bag Housings and Elements
    • Cartridge Housings and Elements
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    L-4307 Automotive Solutions Brochure Discover Schroeder Industries filtration solutions engineered for superior performance in automotive applications!