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Schroeder Industries is constantly striving to find new ways to increase the level of service available to our customers. One often overlooked area of service is the calibration service offered through the Schroeder/HYDAC USA Service Centers.


What Does Calibrate Mean?

The word calibrate means to adjust or mark something so that it can be used in an accurate way. Digital Pressure Gauge example of Calibration

Think about it similarly to old fashioned weight scales.

Someone would mark the scale with their calibration methods to adjust the dial on the scale to read exactly on zero to get the most accurate weight.

Schroeder Industries guarantees the data coming from our Diagnostics (IoT) equipment is as recognized accrediting as possible.

This is why we offer a calibration service.


Where Does Schroeder Come In?

Schroeder offers a range of calibration and repair services for our fluid and machine condition monitoring equipment.

All of the calibration equipment we use is traceable to national and international measurement standards.

We advocate predictive maintenance versus reactive maintenance practices.

By doing this, our users experience less equipment failures and more equipment uptime and running smoothly without a problem.

Our equipment helps prevent breakdowns by displaying necessary data needed to schedule downtime to perform maintenance before there is sign of an issue.


What Needs Calibrated?

It is recommended that our fluid condition monitoring sensors are calibrated at the very least, every two years. Doing this ensures that the cleanliness data reported by these units are accurate and the sensors are performing at optimal levels.


Common Types of Fluid Condition Monitoring Sensors Calibration, Repair and Upgrade of the following:

  • Inline Contamination Sensors – CS Series and CSM Series
  • Portable Contamination Sensors – Schroeder Pro Series, FCU1000 Series, and FCU2000 Series


Machine Condition Monitoring Sensors can also be evaluated and calibrated in our Service Center. This ensures accurate machine condition is being reported.


Electronic Sensors – Calibration and Repair of the following:

  • Pressure Transducers (HDA- Series) and Pressure Switches (EDS Series)
  • Temperature Sensors (ETS Series)
  • Flow Sensors (EVS3x00 Series)
  • HMG Portable Data Recorders


Services Offered:

  • Quick Service, Proper Documentation, and Quality Service Standard
  • NIST Calibration Standards
  • ISO9001 Corporate Quality Standards
  • Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 for Component Cleanliness Testing


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At Schroeder Industries, we strive for consistency and accuracy. All calibrations are performed by competent, trained technicians.

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