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Schroeder Original Elements and the Schroeder Difference

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Schroeder Industries takes pride in creating products that are a better fit for our customer’s equipment. We specialize in hydraulic filter elements, filtration, element replacements, and much more.

In hydraulic industries, it is important to make it a high priority too see to it that a specific fluid can pass through the filter medium. That, in itself, is the trick to removing contamination such as solid, liquid, gaseous, and gel-like contamination.


A Schroeder Filter and What It Can Do For Your Equipment

Schroeder Original Elements are designed for fluid conditioning in our unique line of hydraulic and lubrication filter housings.

At Schroeder, we have a vast selection of filtration product offerings that will pair with these housings.

This includes filter media in the following materials:

  • Synthetic microglass
  • Cellulose (filter paper)
  • Anti-stat
  • Water removal
  • Sintered steel
  • Wire mesh
  • Melt-blown
  • and much more.


Our original filter elements’ performance is measured by its respective:

  • Beta Efficiency – how well it can remove contamination
  • Beta Stability – how well it can maintain its efficiency throughout its life
  • Dirt Holding Capacity (DHC) – how much contamination it can hold
  • Lower Pressure Drop – how restricting it is on the system


Our original elements combined with our hydraulic and lubrication filter housings aim to remove impurities and contaminates. They also meet the required cleanliness specifications, preserve energy on system components, and maximize overall efficiency in every hydraulic system.


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For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries’ Original Elements, click here.


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