The versatile hydraulic circuitry in every Schroeder Hydraulic Test Bench (HTB) allows users to perform comprehensive testing of pumps, motors, double or single-acting cylinders, and valves (relief and manually operated).

Schroeder’s HTB series hydraulic test benches can shorten your troubleshooting time, take the guesswork out of your diagnosis, and let you thoroughly test new or rebuilt components and sub-assemblies before you install them into a working hydraulic system.

Options for testing pilot or solenoid actuated directional control valves are also available.

These benches have been refined for over 60 years by Schroeder engineers, based on the experiences and feedback of over 500 proud hydraulic test stand owners. Current models are powerful, compact units that pay for themselves quickly in saved maintenance time and costs, as well as improved productivity and bottom line.

  • Pumps and motors can be dynamically tested
  • Mounting pumps and motors are simple
  • Bench circuit filtration keeps oil clean
  • Cylinder leaks are easy to find
  • And more!

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