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Your Mobile Vehicle Needs On-Board Diesel Filtration

Clean fuel

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Mobile machines and commercial vehicles are subject to the toughest working conditions all over the world.  These conditions can lead to engine failure, breakdowns, contaminant entry and expensive service interventions.

Schroeder ensures this does not happen. 

We focus on optimum diesel fuel conditioning. This is what protects your system from damage.

Our On-Board Diesel Fuel Filtration Product Line, or HDP, can protect your equipment from irreversible damage caused by contamination, a key reason why well-designed on-board diesel filtration is critical.

Our solutions go upstream of the engine and serve as a primary fuel filter and water separator to ensure outside contaminants like particles and water do not interfere with costly fuel system components.

On-board filtration allows Schroeder products to go directly onto a variety of applications ranging from diesel-powered fuel systems of off-highway equipment to diesel-powered electric generators.

Schroeder on-board equipment can be thought of as a “pre-filter.”


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In fact, the P in HDP stands for “pre-care.”

Tier 4 diesel engine standards are some of the strictest EPA emissions requirements for off-highway equipment.

These engines require a fuel cleanliness level of 12/9/6 at injector or better.

Equipment that is for On-board diesel filtratoin

Diesel fuel now has various additives added to it, such as biodiesel.  This is to compensate for seasonal differences and minimizing microbial growth.

Schroeder uses a cartridge filter element in its line of HDP Products, minimizing waste and reducing the space the filter occupies on the machine.

Schroeder’s On-Board Diesel Fuel Filtration is available in a series of flow rates, and in:
  • Single or duplex configurations
  • Manual or automatic water drain configurations and
  • With a selection of features to suit a wide range of installations and applications

As an added benefit to what this equipment can bring to our customers, Schroeder’s On-Board Diesel Filtration also plays a part in our 2030 Initiative.


For Customers and Sustainability:

  • Cost reduction
  • Private labeling
    • Private labeling your equipment can offer after sales revenue retention
  • Space and weight savings that contribute to reducing power requirements.
  • Improved Filtration Performance
    • Efficiency
    • Service Life (Capacity)
      • Reduction in waste streams and elimination of improper disposal of commonly used metallic spin-on filters.
      • The ability to reduce excessive fuel consumption and emission from contamination related accelerated wear.



This fuel water separator can offer several benefits.


Benefits to Using On-Board Diesel Filtration

  • Low investment costs due to cost-optimized design
  • Consistent dewatering over the entire life of the filter element since water is separated on the clean side.
  • Economical and technically reliable operation as a result of long element service life

Size of Engines with HDP


Why Should I Be Worried About Contamination?

Contaminated diesel fuel being left in a tank can put your efforts in jeopardy.

This fuel can affect any or all cleaning effort put in before filling the tank.

After some time, fuel in bulk diesel can ingress particulate and water contamination from the environment.

Over time, water can result in microbial growth such as bacteria and fungus. Microbial growth is presented from water, air, and contaminated fuel. The contaminated water can become acidic from the microbial growth and can cause severe rust. Water separated from this fuel can prevent these issues.

We know that contamination is a leading cause of diesel repairs and component replacements. Clean fuel is critical to reliable system operation.

In fuel systems, 70 to 90% of wear and failure is contamination related.

Issues such as defects, misuse or age can be traced to only 10 to 30% percent of failures.

Unfortunately, contamination cannot be stopped. However, with Schroeder technology, it can be controlled (or managed)!


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To view the Schroeder Industries On-Board Diesel Filtration, click here.