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A Look in the World of Fuel Filtration.

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Schroeder Industries provides a wide offering of solutions to give the most innovative and advanced fuel filtration technology.

Our range of products are designed specifically for fuel filtration applications, including bulk storage, mobile equipment prefiltration, alternative fuels, and fuel contamination monitoring. All built to address the problems with modern fuels in a compact, reliable, and cost-effective way.

At Schroeder Industries, we work to use cutting edge technology to meet the global needs of fuel cleanliness. We work to provide a wide selection of light weight, and compact solutions.

Showcasing Schroeder Industries' Fuel Filtration Product Suite. Includes tools for diagnostics, on-board diesel filtration and bulk diesel solutions.

Our product range includes fuel filters, filtration systems, and condition monitoring equipment for all-around diesel protection. Schroeder Industries has our customers covered from production to consumption.

Fuel cleanliness is a main factor in making sure diesel-powered machinery is operating at its highest performance.

To put it simply, the most important thing we can do, is make sure your fuel is free of any contaminants. This can include water, particulates, fungi, etc.

Contamination can cause microbial growth, which can cause destruction in your fuel systems. This can lead to field failure and can allow bacteria to spread in your system.

Fortunately, with Schroeder Industries, our filters can get these destructive contaminants out of your fuel. Bringing them up to exceptional cleanliness levels.

With our fuel diagnostic technology, you can take a preventative approach and know when exactly your fuel may need extra support.

Photo of Fuel Tanks

Our Technology and the Environment Product Support from the Experts at JarvisXR.

We recognize the world is seeking more environmentally sound ways of creating equipment that uses more efficient technologies and systems.

We are always looking for ways to keep this global movement in the focus of our development, making strides in creating more energy efficient fuel filtration technology.

Many of the global equipment manufacturers are making advancements in the electrification of mechanical or hydraulic systems and equipment.  This doesn’t get rid of the need for diesel or alternative fuels but makes the need for better fuel filtration even more important.

Modern fuels are made to adhere to the standards addressing emissions, equipment reliability, safety, and storage. Therefore, our fuel filtration technology follows the same standards. It is of high importance for us to know the problems faced as fuels continue to change.

With engines becoming smaller to make room for the electrical components, wiring, and storage, it is crucial to be able to provide the highest performance filtration in a compact and lightweight package.

However, this does not eliminate the need for bulk diesel, or alternative fuel. This makes the need for your pristine fuel quality even more essential.

Schroeder Industries also understands the importance of being environmentally friendly.

We use advanced technologies to minimize the energy needed to clean and condition fuel and encourage the reclamation of fuels that would normally be disposed of. Doing this can result in reduced waste and an overall reduction in emissions, helping to accomplish a cleaner world.

ISO Certification


Schroeder is a proud member (in good standing) with the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI)

Schroeder Industries is ISO 9001 certified and members in good standing with PEI. Both organizations help fulfill our dedication to making sure all of our customer’s fuel quality is outstanding. Our team stays up to date on the guidelines from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 4406 and industry trends from PEI.

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