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What is a manifold?

A manifold is a machined piece of metal or steel that helps regulate or control fluid flow between pumps and actuators and other components in a hydraulic system.

Manifolds streamline and reduce the needed plumbing and routings to and from remote mounted components, removing the excessive and cumbersome configurations that can be seen in most hydraulic systems and saving valuable real estate.


What are Schroeder Industries’ Manifold Mount Filter Kits?

Schroeder Manifold Mount Filter Kits are a staple in the manufacturing sector of the United States.

Manufactured in the United States themselves, these advanced manufacturing assembly blocks include Schroeder’s proven filtration solutions, providing a forced fluid conditioning checkpoint in an already existing manufacturing process.


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These filter kits are high pressure filters rated up to 6,000 psi (415 bar) and come in various filter sizes.

They allow for effective filtration in customer’s system.


Benefits of using a Manifold Mount Filter Kit

By placing multiple flow paths internally in a block, a system can drastically reduce the leak potential through operation.

Additionally, this type of mounting can accept filter components to further reduce overall system footprint.

At Schroder Industries, we study and understand the intricacies of this kind of design and manufacturing through our internal machine shop. In turn, we provide the appropriately designed manifold mounted kits to help this compact filtration setup.

Our filter kits are turn key solutions for some of the most commonly used configurations. We can further provide customization to better suit the end user needs.


These Filter Kits can be used in these applications:

These filters are becoming more dominant and evolving within the mobile and transportation markets.


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For a complete listing of Manifold Mount Filter Kits, click here.