What is “Advanced Fluid Care & Diagnostics”?

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‘Advanced Fluid Care & Diagnostics’ is our slogan for the all-new Schroeder Service audit program (as seen at WasteExpo 2021).

As tolerances in today’s hydraulic and fuel systems become tighter, the ability to monitor and filter-out oil contamination becomes critical.

We understand that not everybody can be the expert at everything.

While our customers are busy performing the heavy fleet services they offer, such as waste removal, utility services, etc., it’s often times difficult to manage actual fleet conditions and best practices for maintaining a sustainable business.

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, we pride ourselves in our ever-growing knowledge of fluid contamination control and how it relates to keeping fluid-powered machinery operating at the highest efficiency.

Schroeder Service leaves your facility with the tools and a plan for maintaining fluid cleanliness and overall system operations.

The BIG SECRET: keep individual hydraulic and fuel-system components operating AS IF THEY WERE NEW.



On-Site Fluid Audit Goal

  1. Discovery of current contamination control practices
  2. Determination of ISO Code Level recommendation and sources of contamination
  3. Development of a plan-of-action to reduce contamination-related downtime
  4. Teach, Train, Implement, and Follow-up of developed plan


Types of Audit offered by Schroeder

Basic Fluid Audit – No Charge

  • ISO Contamination Reading
    • IAW ISO 4406 (4/6/14)
  • Water Saturation Percentage
    • Limit one sample
    • No Report


Advanced Fluid Diagnostic Audit – (PN 7642237)

  • ISO Contamination Reading
    • IAW ISO 4406, NAS, SAE (4/6/14/21/38/70//100)
  • Water Saturation Percentage
  • Oil Life Remaining Analysis
  • Wear Debris Analysis
  • Thermal image Diagnostic Scan
  • Filter Element / Breather Inspection and Analysis
  • Detailed Report with recommendations


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Schroeder Service: Advanced Fluid Care & Diagnostics

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Our Secret – Determining What Causes Oil Contamination 

Schroeder Service uses the exclusive technology found in our Schroeder Pro: Total Fluid Health product offering.

The first of it’s kind (digital imaging) technology found in the Schroeder Pro series shifts the playing field from light-blockage method (LBM) automatic particle counting and shifts to a more detailed and accurate way of particulate measurement.

Explains Schroeder Pro capabilities such as digital imaging particle counting, oil life sensor, water sensor, touch screen, internal gear pump and more! Photo showcasing Schroeder's Portable Fluid Condition Monitoring Application Guide cover. Includes instructions on how to download the brochure.

Digital imaging particle counting discerns particulate contamination from other contaminates like water, air bubbles, phantom particles, and so on. When you schedule your advanced fluid care & diagnostics audit, you will know exactly why your machine is performing in a less than ideal manner.

By visualizing and understanding types of contamination, you quickly locate the source and prevent the situation from happening again.

Contamination can occur anywhere. Our Schroeder Pro: Total Fluid Health identifies system failures-causing contaminants such as:

  • fatigue wear
  • cutting wear
  • sliding wear
  • fibers
  • metal particles
  • air bubbles


How it’s possible:

  • Laser particle counter ~ ±0.5 of an ISO code, ±0.1% repeatability
  • Water sensor ~ ±3% accuracy, full scale
  • Oil life sensor


Why conduct a Fluid Contamination Audit?

  • Make informed decisions
    • Fluid conditioning
    • Fluid replacement
    • Root-cause analysis
  • Enable strategic maintenance
    • Predictive – maximize service life
    • Proactive – extend service life
  • A contamination audit identifies the starting point for your contamination control program.
  • Recommendations/solutions are made based on the contamination level identified during the audit.


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