We are looking for service partners

Schroeder Service is a total concept of technical services for our end users that aim to:

  • Optimize and/or enhance the availability of machines and fluid technology plants and systems
  • To lower their operating costs   

Optimizing/Enhancing the Availability of Machines and Fluid Technology Plants and Systems

Our team of fluid engineering experts will come directly to the site of your equipment, absolutely free-of-charge, and leave behind recommendations and a plan for maintaining better fluid cleanliness and overall system operations.


We will provide the entire spectrum of Schroeder Service through a certified Schroeder Service partner, both nationally and abroad.

Lower Operating Costs

By scheduling a no charge, no obligation service call from Schroeder Service, you can guarantee the following results and plan-of-action for your team moving forward:

  • Discovery of Current Contamination Control Practices
  • Achieving Recommended ISO Cleanliness
  • Plan-of-Action to Reduce Contamination-Related Downtime
  • Teach, Train, and Implementation and Follow-up

Schroeder Service covers the entire spectrum of fluid technology, e.g.:

  • Hydraulic oils
  • Lubricants
  • Cooling lubricants
  • Cleaning and testing media


If you need any assistance with the topics covered above, please call us at 724.318.1100 to schedule an appointment.

Schroeder Service Processing Concentrations

The tools used in Schroeder Service can be products, services, or individual tasks and services transferred to us by the end customer.

Our own research and development center, the FluidCareCenter (FCC), has the facility to examine the customer’s requirements with a focus on filtration, and to develop optimal and individual solutions.

It is also part of our objective to train specialist personnel from our end customers through catered training programs.