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    Schroeder Products and Services, coupled with our technical expertise, new product development program, ongoing improvements in manufacturing processes and commitment to meeting the customer’s needs enables us to be considered “The Filter Company of Choice”.

    Our products are used in iron and steel mills, aluminum/brass mills, mini-mills, extrusion mills, forgoing mills and foundries which ensure smooth production procedures and protect expensive components. Where hydraulics and lubricant systems are used, Schroeder plays a decisive role.

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    Hydraulic & Lube Filtration

    • Low, Medium, and High Pressure Assemblies: Singular and Modular
    • Oil Analysis Service
    • Servo stock housings for D03 and D07 applications and roll positioning upgrades
    • Ion exchange housings for fire resistance fluids

    Filter Systems

    • Mobile and Stationary Conditioning Systems
    • Kydney Loop: Compact and Stationary
    • Mobile Filtration Carts: X-Skids
    • Fluid and System Diagnostic Products: Portable and fixed

    Fuel Filtration

    • Advanced Diesel Filtration: Because many people assume they’re buying quality fuel that meets the required specifications, diesel fuel cleanliness is seldom questioned. But higher fuel system operating pressures, lower system tolerances, tighter filtration and the ultra-low sulfur requirements have pushed fuel cleanliness into the maintenance spotlight. Engine manufacturers are realizing that diesel fuel cleanliness can have great impact on overall engine performance. In fact, many are now recommending that diesel fuel that does not meet an ISO Cleanliness Code of 18/16/13 should be filtered before introduction to the fuel system. Injector manufacturers are mandating an ISO cleanliness code of 13/9/6 with water content levels at less than 200 ppm.
    • Bulk Fuel Filtration:: Coalescing filtration, a highly effective method to remove water from diesel fuels. Water is typically introduced into the fuel supply by condensation. Water in a vehicle fuel system can reduce lubricity causing seizure of close tolerance parts and increased wear. Water in fuel storage tanks causes rust and promotes microbial growth. Schroeder offers a complete line of bulk fuel coalescing filters from 16 GPM up. we invite you to review your needs against the high performance filter line we can provide.
    • “HDP series, On-Board Diesel Filtration Required. Mobile machines and commercial vehicles are subject to the toughest working conditions all over the world. To ensure smooth running of vehicles and to protect both the engine and the whole drive system from damage, optimum diesel fuel conditioning is particularly important. With the HDP On-Board diesel coalescing/particulate filter, Schroeder offers a modern system for diesel filtration which protects vehicle manufacturers and operators from failures, breakdowns and expensive service interventions.
    • Biodiesel Fuel Purification:. Most biodiesel is made from waste vegetable oil (WVO) collected from catering and food production facilities or from virgin feedstocks. The WVO often contains high levels of Free Fatty Acids, moisture, as well as solids, other impurities and contaminants. The solids can be filtered out using correct filtration procedures. “
    • Eco2Pure™ Biodiesel Purification Media: Eco2Pure™: is a unique cellulose based, natural and sustainable composition of absorbent technologies, specifically formulated for biodiesel purification from any feedstock. Eco2Pure’s™ composition is designed to optimize purification efficiency and contamination removal, combined with increased flow enhancement characteristics. Eco2Pure™ is designed to be a filter-free wash process with no consumables in the wash stage and the lowest cost drywash biodiesel purification method in existence today.
    • Eco2Pure™ Purification Systems: The multitower or single tower Eco2Pure™purification system combines the performance of the second generation dry wash media, Eco2Pure™, the filtration performance of Schroeder Industries’ Excellement® media and 65 years of US manufactured quality. Systems include controls, safety considerations, Online quality control options and operator feedback for ease of use.
    • Life Monitoring & Quality Control: Using the TCM Online particle monitor, biodiesel producers can effectively monitor the residual life of Eco2Pure™. The particle counts increase as the media approaches exhaustion, allowing for adequate notification for Eco2Pure™ rebedding. This is an excellent way of ensuring that ONLY quality fuel is produced, and eliminates the possibility of downstream migration of production residues, moisture and soaps.
    • ColdClear™ The ASTM D6751 Cold Soak Filtration Test is leaving many biodiesel producers and consumers “out in the cold.” In response, Schroeder Fuel Filtration is proud to present ColdClear™, a proprietary multi-stage separation technology designed specifically to ensure that biodiesel products conform to this ASTM standard for cold flow properties.
    • Final Polishing | High Efficiency Particulate Filtration for Bio & Diesel Fuel: Irrespective of the wash process you choose for your production facility, final polishing of biodiesel is essential to ensure that fuel, once washed, is free of solid contaminants, moisture, production and wash residues.
    • Fuel Quality Measurement Tools: Regardless if you’re a high volume producer or not, minutes count. Finding that you have produced dirty fuel an hour late can leave you with a problem fuel. ​Online sensors can help you catch the problem before your customer does. Offline monitoring: Taking and examining samples during various stages of your production process or bulk systems, can provide a priceless level of visibility to troubleshooting or even just understanding your current biodiesel production processes or available fuel. Fuel analysis can identify potential causes for fuel filter plugging, smoking, loss of power, poor injector performance, malfunctioning throttle position sensors and sticking valves.

    Element Technology

    • Elements – Synthetic/Cellulose: Standard and High Pressure
    • High flow solution for control lubrication solutions


    • Breathers: Air and Desiccant

    Process Filtration

    • Automatic Self-Cleaning Backflush Filters: Used for spray nozzle applications and controling water systems
    • Automatic Strainers
    • Bag Housings and Elements
    • Cartridge Housings and Elements
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