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    Schroeder Industries provides filtration and fluid monitoring to help maintenance of way manufactures improve cleanliness of equipment and reduce operating cost. This in turn relates to lower operating cost and less down time of critical equipment to maintain the rail infrastructure in the US.

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    Hydraulic & Lube Filtration

    • A comprehensive range of hydraulic filter housing technologies, equipped with high-quality filter element materials ensure high operating safety and long maintenance intervals.
    • High Pressure Filters up to 6500psi (450bar): Systems with high pressure flows may only need to be sized to match the output of the pump, where the return line may require a much larger filter for the higher flows. Schroeder products range from: Top-Ported, Base-Ported, Servo Protection (Sandwich) Filters, Manifold Mounted and Manifold Assemblies, Cartridge Elements for use in Manifold Applications, Hydrostatic (Bi-Directional) and High Pressure Water Service Filters.
      Medium Pressure Filters up to 1500psi (100bar): Large rod cylinders and other components can cause return line flows to be much greater than pump output. Return lines can have substantial pressure surges, which need to be taken into consideration when selecting filters and their locations. Schroeder products range from: Top-Ported, Base Ported and Medium Pressure Water Service Filters.
    • Low Pressure Filters up to up to 500 psi (35 bar): Schroeder’s integrated filter line of products range from: Top-Ported, Tank-Mounted (In-Tank/Tank Top), Special Feature Tank-Mounted Filters, Severe Duty Tank-Mounted, Spin-On Low Pressure Filters, and Low Pressure Water Service Filters.
    • Branding Capabilities and or Patente​d Schroeder GeoSeal® Technologies: Ensure availability of spare parts, branding the filter housing for improvement of product identification.

    Filter Systems

    • TestMate® Contamination Monitor: Schroeder TCM online particle counter will ensure that hydraulic systems are maintaining acceptable ISO fluid levels. The TCM can help reduce the time required to clean and maintain acceptable ISO levels for MOW equipment in a predictive maintenance schedule. Utilizing the TCM will ensure the customer cleans reservoirs in a timely fashion and not losing time with over filtering a unit.
    • Offline Kidney Loop Filtration and Bulk Hydraulic Skids with High Efficiency Synthetic Media: With Schroeder offline kidney loop filtration and synthetic Z media, we can provide quick contaminant clean up on the maintenance of way equipment and maintain an acceptable ISO level for extended life of critical components.

    Fuel Filtration

    • Advanced Diesel Filtration: Because many people assume they’re buying quality fuel that meets the required specifications, diesel fuel cleanliness is seldom questioned. But higher fuel system operating pressures, lower system tolerances, tighter filtration and the ultra-low sulfur requirements have pushed fuel cleanliness into the maintenance spotlight. Engine manufacturers are realizing that diesel fuel cleanliness can have great impact on overall engine performance. In fact, many are now recommending that diesel fuel that does not meet an ISO Cleanliness Code of 18/16/13 should be filtered before introduction to the fuel system. Injector manufacturers are mandating an ISO cleanliness code of 13/9/6 with water content levels at less than 200 ppm.
    • Bulk Fuel Filtration:: Coalescing filtration, a highly effective method to remove water from diesel fuels. Water is typically introduced into the fuel supply by condensation. Water in a vehicle fuel system can reduce lubricity causing seizure of close tolerance parts and increased wear. Water in fuel storage tanks causes rust and promotes microbial growth. Schroeder offers a complete line of bulk fuel coalescing filters from 16 GPM up. we invite you to review your needs against the high performance filter line we can provide.
    • “HDP series, On-Board Diesel Filtration Required. Mobile machines and commercial vehicles are subject to the toughest working conditions all over the world. To ensure smooth running of vehicles and to protect both the engine and the whole drive system from damage, optimum diesel fuel conditioning is particularly important. With the HDP On-Board diesel coalescing/particulate filter, Schroeder offers a modern system for diesel filtration which protects vehicle manufacturers and operators from failures, breakdowns and expensive service interventions.
    • Biodiesel Fuel Purification:. Most biodiesel is made from waste vegetable oil (WVO) collected from catering and food production facilities or from virgin feedstocks. The WVO often contains high levels of Free Fatty Acids, moisture, as well as solids, other impurities and contaminants. The solids can be filtered out using correct filtration procedures. “
    • Eco2Pure™ Biodiesel Purification Media: Eco2Pure™: is a unique cellulose based, natural and sustainable composition of absorbent technologies, specifically formulated for biodiesel purification from any feedstock. Eco2Pure’s™ composition is designed to optimize purification efficiency and contamination removal, combined with increased flow enhancement characteristics. Eco2Pure™ is designed to be a filter-free wash process with no consumables in the wash stage and the lowest cost drywash biodiesel purification method in existence today.
    • Eco2Pure™ Purification Systems: The multitower or single tower Eco2Pure™purification system combines the performance of the second generation dry wash media, Eco2Pure™, the filtration performance of Schroeder Industries’ Excellement® media and 65 years of US manufactured quality. Systems include controls, safety considerations, Online quality control options and operator feedback for ease of use.
    • Life Monitoring & Quality Control: Using the TCM Online particle monitor, biodiesel producers can effectively monitor the residual life of Eco2Pure™. The particle counts increase as the media approaches exhaustion, allowing for adequate notification for Eco2Pure™ rebedding. This is an excellent way of ensuring that ONLY quality fuel is produced, and eliminates the possibility of downstream migration of production residues, moisture and soaps.
    • ColdClear™ The ASTM D6751 Cold Soak Filtration Test is leaving many biodiesel producers and consumers “out in the cold.” In response, Schroeder Fuel Filtration is proud to present ColdClear™, a proprietary multi-stage separation technology designed specifically to ensure that biodiesel products conform to this ASTM standard for cold flow properties.
    • Final Polishing | High Efficiency Particulate Filtration for Bio & Diesel Fuel: Irrespective of the wash process you choose for your production facility, final polishing of biodiesel is essential to ensure that fuel, once washed, is free of solid contaminants, moisture, production and wash residues.
    • Fuel Quality Measurement Tools: Regardless if you’re a high volume producer or not, minutes count. Finding that you have produced dirty fuel an hour late can leave you with a problem fuel. ​Online sensors can help you catch the problem before your customer does. Offline monitoring: Taking and examining samples during various stages of your production process or bulk systems, can provide a priceless level of visibility to troubleshooting or even just understanding your current biodiesel production processes or available fuel. Fuel analysis can identify potential causes for fuel filter plugging, smoking, loss of power, poor injector performance, malfunctioning throttle position sensors and sticking valves.

    Element Technology

    • Schroeder’s complete line of quality filtration elements—include Schroeder’s original element designs, BestFit® replacement elements, CoreCentric® coreless repair elements, Anti Stat (ASP) Line and DirtCatcher®— manufactured with Excellement® Z-Media®. Better efficiencies, excellent stability, lower pressure drops, and higher dirt holding capacities are provided by Excellement® Z-Media® meaning cleaner oil, longer element life, and less downtime. They outlast, outperform, and excel in every measurable benchmark. The Excellement® Z-Media® series of filter elements is designed, tested, and proven to be the best performing elements available on the market today.
    • Excellement ® Z-Media®​ Elements: This class of micro-glass and other fibers used in Z-Media® are manufactured with the utmost precision, to specific thicknesses and densities, and bonded with select resins to create material with extra fine passages. Schroeder’s Excellement® Z-Media®: maximum dirt-holding capacity, superior particle capture, excellent beta stability, minimum pressure drop, high flow rate and low operating cost.
    • DirtCatcher® Elements: Offer a superior alternative to inside out filtration. The patented outer shell prevents contaminants from falling back into the system during element changes while still providing the excellent dirt retention of Excellement® media. DirtCatcher® elements are currently available in a range of filter housings.
    • ZX – High Collapse Elements (Synthetic): Schroeder offers a line of high crush media elements for use in its non-bypass version of filter housings, The high crush elements have a collapse rating of 3000 psid.
    • CoreCentric® Coreless Elements: Environmentally friendly, all plastic element (no metal parts) that can be crushed, shredded or burned. This alternative method of disposal will not only greatly reduce solid waste volumes, but also reduce disposal costs simultaneously.
    • BestFit® High Performance Replacement Elements: Schroeder manufactures BestFit® Performance Replacement elements. In addition, Schroeder produces all of the technical data to support the sale of these products. We offer the easiest way to determine the Schroeder equivalent of nearly 41,000 competitive elements using the Schroeder online element search, accessible through our web site at www.schroederindustries.com
    • AntiStat Pleat (ASP) Elements: Developed to greatly reduce or eliminate electrostatic discharge problems that can occur during filtration of hydraulic and lube fluids. Eliminate damage to element, Greatly reduce oil deterioration, Decrease evidence of sludge and formation of oil sediment, Extend system component life (i.e., electronic components, servo valves and reservoirs).
    • Melt-Blown and Spun Blown Elements: Used in process and cutting fluid applications, melt-blown and spun-bonded elements are manufactured with either polypropylene or nylon filter media.
    • E – Media Elements (Cellulose): Recognized as one of the industry’s most cost effective media available in the marketplace, Schroeder E media is an excellent choice for a wide variety of hydraulic system applications.
    • M – Media Elements (Reusable Metal): Schroeder offers a line of metal reusable elements to meet specific application needs. These rugged elements are constructed of high-strength woven stainless steel wire mesh. The wire mesh and center tube are epoxy-bonded to the end caps.
    • W – Media Elements (Water Removal): Schroeder’s uniquely designed water removal elements employ a quick-acting water-absorbent polymer, capable of holding over 400 times its own weight in water. These elements are ideal for in-line use, re-circulating filter systems, or in portable filtration carts.
    • ZW – Aqua-Excellement™ High Efficiency, Particulate Water, Removal Media: Schroeder’s Aqua-Excellement™ filter elements, which excel at removing both water and solid particulates from petroleum-based fluids. The filtering media incorporated into Aqua-Excellement™ elements is referred to as ZW and includes layers of Schroeder’s high efficiency Excellement® Z-MediaTM for capturing particulate contaminations in combination with Schroeder’s well-established water removal (W) media.
    • Branding Capabilities: Ensure availability of spare parts, branding the filter elements for improvement of the product identification.
    • GeoSeal® is a patented offering from Schroeder that provides a unique way for OEM’s to retain replacement element business and to keep a filter’s performance at the level that it was supplied. The idea is brilliantly simple: the critical sealing arrangement between a filter housing and its replacement element takes on a shape other than the standard circular arrangement.


    • Schroeder Reservoir Accessories: A hydraulic systems reservoir can play a significant role in the ingression of contamination into the system. Concurrently, the reservoir presents great opportunities to correct the negative fluid conditions. The proper application of Schroeder reservoir accessories will greatly increase a system’s cleanliness level.
    • Air Breathers: Schroeder offers high quality breathers to effectively combat the ingression of airborne contamination and moisture, therefore increasing the efficiency and reliability of the system. Available breathers many are available with filler strainer, dipstick, indicator and check/relief valve options. The ABC air breather check can takes the guesswork out of when to change your breather.
    • Desiccant Filter Breather: The Schroeder desiccant air breathers are designed to increase operational efficiency while reducing operating costs by protecting industrial systems from moisture and particle contaminants.
    • Air Breather Check (ABC): The ABC takes the guesswork out of when to change your air breather, because it doesn’t care how dirty the air breather looks or how long it’s been installed. It only cares how well the breather is working. The air breather check is calibrated in inches of water and will activate, providing a visual indication, when a vacuum equivalent of 15 inches of water (3.75 kPa) is reached. The ABC can be reset simply by depressing the yellow button and used over and over again.
    • Rapid Fill Cap and Strainer: Speed the process of adding fluid to a reservoir by using our rapid fill cap and strainer. The strainer is 4.38” in diameter and designed to accept cold viscous fluids easily. Choose from various sizes. The cap completely seals the opening. All assemblies are supplied with necessary hardware, including retaining chain for cap and self-tapping screws for installation.
    • Magnetic Suction Separators: suction line filtration is provided without starving the pump. They offer unique protection for pumps from all sizes of ferrous particles, some of which have the potential of destroying a pump in a single pass. Large ceramic magnets are spaced along the length of the separator.
    • Suction Strainers: The all metal suction strainers are furnished with optimized pleat size and screen area for extended life and low pressure drop. 100 mesh stainless steel screen (140 micron) has 33.3% open area. Porting head is carbon steel, center core is plated perforated steel. End cap is heavy gauge zinc plated steel. These strainers can handle temperatures up to 250°F (121°C).
    • Oil Sight Glasses (OSG): OSG’s provide maintenance and lubrication management professionals a complete and immediate visual oil analysis. Constructed of durable cast acrylic, they withstand most petroleum products to remain crystal clear. The revolutionary 3-D Oil Sight Glass can replace the problematic, old-fashioned sight plug on your oil reservoir to provide greater visibility.
    • Trouble Check Plus™ Fluid Analysis: Schroeder’s Trouble Check Plus™ is an easy to use fluid analysis service that can be utilized as part of any predictive maintenance program. Schroeder offers three types of sample kits: two for hydrauilc fluid (P/N THF and THF-PC) and one for water glycol (P/N TWG).
    • Schroeder Check® Test Point System: Schroeder Check® test points provide a fast, easy, and safe way to test pressures up to 10,000 psi (680 bar) in hydraulic or pneumatic systems under operation. They are available in both 1215 (M12 x 1.5 reverse buttress) and 1620 (M16 x 2.0) connection threads with a variety of screw-in port threads.

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