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What Can You Expect From the Fluid Care Center (FCC)?

Here at Schroeder Industries, we put our heart and soul into everything we do.

It is our mission to give our clientele the best products, best service and best solutions possible.

To help us achieve that goal, Schroeder created the Fluid Care Center (FCC).

Education is immensely important to us at Schroeder Industries. Located in the United States, the FCC team brings individuals/groups to learn about their application(s).

The FCC team then offers the most applicable solutions, whether it be fuel testing, element, housing, a filter cart, or something else.

Our team documents all results from multiple, industry-standard tests to best address the issue at hand. We then send off any and all test reports with the end user.

It is important to us that our customers share in our knowledge of filtration. We believe it exhibits Schroeder’s ability to produce a top-quality product and that it shows that it is essential to invest time into what goes into your filtration products.


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A New Normal After COVID-19Outside of the Fluid Care Center in Leetsdale, PA

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our team had the ability to bring in several groups to test products, fluid samples, and other components with our technicians.

Due to COVID-19, we have now moved towards virtual appointments via Skype or Microsoft Teams.

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It is important to us as a company to follow and adhere to the CDC guidelines. This has included mask wearing, social distancing, and frequent cleaning.


Creating Engineered Solutions

In the FCC, our laboratory engineers excel at creating custom testing solutions for a wide range of customers.

Some people have called us an oil analysis laboratory, or a diesel analysis laboratory, but we are so much more than that!

We offer more than your everyday oil analysis and testing.

We strive to be pioneers of fluid filtration performance, including fuels, hydraulic and lubrication, and process filtration. This involves a customer defining the problem, using our problem-solving skills, and finding a solution.

That just being a simple breakdown of what we are capable of.


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Our problem-solving processes involve:

  • diesel fuel filtration analysis
  • competitive performance testing
  • endurance testing
  • cleanliness testing
  • tank optimization
  • and much more


We then apply these analyses and tests to solve complex problems or simple problems.

Our test engineers can bring customers in and work through the problem together to find the best possible solution. Educating the individual on why Schroeder Industries is the right choice for their filtration needs.

The FCC performs a wide range of testing to meet industry standards.

We will also set up and perform laboratory testing. This closely simulates a customer’s specific application in order to provide the most meaningful results from testing. With agreement from our customer, we can deviate from industry standards and test for true performance in our customers very unique applications.

In the realm of advanced manufacturing, trial and error is crucial for being a problem solver.

The FCC consistently ensures that Schroeder products are working at their optimum performance. Our product development and testing goes through several iterations in order to ensure that we’ve fully optimized our filtration solutions.

Our engineers can perform several tests over multiple days. When doing this with a customer, they observe the testing, in real-time, alongside our technicians.

Our engineers are then trained on test procedures.

The technicians then adjust their media based on further test results. The engineers then make adjustments to our products to provide an optimized solution custom to our customer.

Through the combined efforts of engineering and testing, Schroeder is able to create custom solutions to the most challenging filtration applications. A custom solution can range anywhere from an improved filter element to increase filtration efficiency. Another example would be dirt holding capacity to a fully custom solution designed specifically to fit unique specifications required by the customer.

These tests can be done for diesel fluid, replacement elements, parts cleanliness, etc. We use this extensive testing to ensure we go above and beyond our customer’s expectations.


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