Sustainability and Schroeder: How They Go Hand in Hand

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Word of mouth will tell you that Schroeder Industries has always been sustainable.

What started as a mining distributor in 1946, we always saw the need to rid the world of harmful practices tied to energy consumption.

As sustainability becomes a larger conversation in the world, we are hoping to start a revolution designed to change the narrative of sustainability in the manufacturing industry (OEMs & MROs).

Introducing the Schroeder Industries Energy Sustainability Initiative

What is Schroeder Industries Energy Sustainability?

As more and more organizations aim to be carbon neutral by 2030, we wanted to reiterate the importance of proper fluid cleanliness.

Carbon neutrality may seem like an almost impossible goal to achieve, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves in our 75 years of experience.

As an American Manufacturer to some of the most versatile ‘green material’, it is our goal to spread the word and share the technology proven to support carbon neutrality initiatives for 2030 and beyond.

The purpose of this initiative is to share data-proven solutions organizations can take to best support their energy savings (ES) and sustainability efforts.

As a filtration manufacturer and engineering firm, we have always lived by the idea that clean oil makes all the difference.

Prolonging the life of any given mineral oil or fossil fuel eliminates climate killing practices by:

  • Reducing oil disposal.
  • Cleaning emission standards.
  • Providing clean energy.
  • And so much more!

Each of our product groups offer at least one product or service that helps the pioneers of the future operate with the planet in mind.

Read on to learn more about what each of our product lines are doing to improve sustainability in just about every market.

You’ll also find out what Schroeder is doing in our manufacturing facility itself to support the Energy Sustainability Initiative.

Filter Elements

Schroeder started the Energy Sustainability Initiative focus at the core of our business – the Filter Elements product group.

With the introduction of the Electric Drive (E-Drive) Filtration, we now have a new filter media for use in electric hydraulic drive motor-pump units. These elements are characterized by an unusually low pressure drop, making them energy efficient and suitable for low energy consumption requirements compared to conventional hydraulic elements under the same ambient conditions.

Schroeder's Electric Drive (E-Drive) Media logo

E-Drive Energy Saving Feature’s

  • Retains low resistance of flow to reduce the ΔP across the element.
  • The filter media construction consists of multi-layered, synthetic fiber material with support.
  • Great for cold start conditions where a low-pressure drop is required.
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Fuel Filtration

In the Fuel Filtration realm, clean diesel is always an environmentally friendly solution.

The Fuel Filtration Center of Excellence offers its HDP-240 On-Board Diesel Fuel Coalescing Filter as a viable, diesel filter for all major off- and on-highway equipment.

Watch on YouTube “HDP 240 BC1 | On-Board Diesel PreCare | New Product Release”.

The HDP-240 Offers:

  • The ability to reduce excessive fuel consumption and emission from contamination related accelerated wear.
  • Space and weight savings that contribute to reducing power requirements.
  • Reduction in waste streams and elimination of improper disposal of commonly used metallic spin-on filters.
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Hydraulic & Lube FiltersPhoto showcasing Schroeder's Tank Optimization cover. Includes instructions on how to download the brochure.

Our Hydraulic & Lube Filter Products are designed with three key factors in mind:

  • System efficiency in relation to power consumption.
  • Weight reduction from oil and steel savings from tank size reduction.
  • Filtration efficiency for oil cleanliness and longevity.

Schroeder uses patented deaeration filter technology in multiple filters.

We combine this with our industry leading experience in tank optimization and CFD simulations. This allows us to work with our customers to reduce the size of their hydraulic reservoir.

Doing this increases the performance and decreases the oil volume, steel and energy required to operate.

Filtration media packs are highly regarded for efficiency and dirt holding capacity.

These packs increase longevity of the oil and components, thus, reducing machine downtime.

Coupling our industry leading filtration media with the next generation filters make this the complete package for your energy saving needs.

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Hydraulic Tank Accessories

Schroeder Industries has always had our ear to the ground to fit our customer’s needs.

Customer satisfaction is what we had in mind when we launched the tank optimization services and our TNK Complete Tank Solution product line.

The TNK is 40% lighter than a steel tank and durable to stand the test of time.

These tanks help cut energy consumption and Nylon tanks can be recycled which helps cut the overall carbon footprint.

Schroeder also offers custom molded tanks to fit even tightest machine space requirements.

Filter Systems & Diagnostics (IoT)

Filter Systems & Diagnostics (IoT) units are built for low energy consumption.

This equipment includes offline fluid conditioning units that are compact and use a lower amp resulting in less energy usage.

Units such as:

  • Kidney Loop Filtration Units (KLS, KLD)
  • Water Removal Systems (AKD, TDSA, TDSE)

Several Filter Systems & Diagnostics (IoT) products are designed to shut down when a target ISO code or target saturation level is met.

Oil Dehydrator Systems go a step further.

The programming allows the unit to turn itself on periodically, check fluid condition and run until the targets are once again met.

Energy Saving Filter System Units

Our Filter Systems group has also led the charge in our drive to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

IoT solutions provide the ability to monitor machines and fluid condition in real-time by using sensors. This information can then go back into a network specifically for this.

This could be considered a conditioning version of “the cloud.”

These initiatives help reduce energy consumption and extend fluid and equipment life expectancy.


What is Sustainability?

The dictionary definition gives two explanations.

  • “The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.”
  • “Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”Sustainability In Manufacturing

Schroeder Industries follows both definitions, whether it’s within our office walls or in the equipment we build.

We gave our employees reusable water bottles and coffee cups to help eliminate single use plastic containers. We incorporated water refilling stations and a zero-waste coffee bar that helps reduce the need for plastic water bottles and Styrofoam cups.

With designated spots for plastic (bottles, plastic bags), cardboard, and other recyclable materials scattered throughout the plant, our employees are doing their part in creating a sustainable manufacturing facility.

“We reuse proper materials and have separate dumpsters for wood, metal, and garbage” says Schroeder Plant Manager John Ciora. He even bought a paper crimper to use for recycled paper and eliminated the use of foam bags.

There are multiple aspects of the sustainability conversation.

Ranging from:

  • Water sustainability
  • Composting bins
  • Reducing food waste
  • Recycling
  • and more!

These are simple steps everyone can research and implement immediately.

So, it raises the question:

What are Corporations Doing to Become Environmentally Responsible?

How Schroeder Plans on Being a 2030 Sustainability Front Runner

Sustainability and environmental consciousness have been on the minds of Schroeder Industries for some time now. By encouraging employees to eliminate single use plastic with provided replacements, establishing solutions to recycle and reduce water, along with other initiatives, we are ready to take the next step in our journey.

While 2030 may be the “big” number when it comes to wanting to be completely sustainable. Whether that be emissions free, no carbon footprint, or any other term you can think of, we at Schroeder Industries want to start our sustainability mission yesterday. We hope to be emissions free/no carbon footprint by 2030. But before then, we will be doing whatever we can to get us there as soon as possible.

At Schroeder Industries, we know there is no Planet B, and we’re here to help us not need one.

For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries Energy Sustainability Solutions, click here.