In recent years, sustainability and carbon emission reduction have become hot topics across the globe. 

Industrial carbon emissions account for approximately one quarter of total carbon emissions in the United States alone. Reducing these emissions is a necessary, yet complicated process that requires effort and innovation from all corners of industry, with every sector having a unique part to play.

Sustainability and Schroeder: How They Go Hand in Hand

Since our origins as a mining distributor in 1946, Schroeder Industries always saw the need to rid the world of harmful practices tied to energy consumption.

Filtration is an overlooked, yet important tool in the greater conversation about sustainability. For example, contamination in a hydraulic system impacts energy efficiency and reduces the operational lifespan of its components and hydraulic fluid, consuming more energy and contributing to the waste stream. Additionally, proper fuel filtration can significantly reduce harmful emissions and increase fuel efficiency. These, among other industrial issues addressed by filtration, can have a great net impact on an operation’s carbon footprint.

As a leader in developing, manufacturing, and implementing exceptional filtration solutions, Schroeder Industries aims to empower industrial operations with sustainable filtration systems.

What is Schroeder Industries’ Energy Sustainability Initiative?

The Energy Sustainability Initiative is Schroeder Industries’ mission to provide fluid power filtration solutions that contribute to a cleaner world and help organizations reach their sustainability goals. Here’s how:

  • By supporting emerging clean energy technology, including electric and hydrogen gas powered systems, with optimized filtration solutions.
  • By reducing wasted hydraulic oil and increasing the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems with advanced filtration and diagnostic solutions.
  • By increasing diesel fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions through superior fuel filtration.
  • By engineering innovative alternatives to current wasteful and inefficient filtration technology.

Energy Sustainability Initiative Solutions

Read on to learn how each product group contributes to the overall Energy Sustainability Initiative mission. Click here for a more comprehensive list of products within the initiative.

Filter Element Technology

Filter elements are at the heart of every hydraulic filtration system. Protecting equipment from damaging contamination, which reduces efficiency and degrades system components, requires a high-quality filter element. Greater efficiency through effective filtration means lower energy consumption, and longer component life means less wasted material—both important factors in an operation’s carbon footprint.

Featured Filter Element Solution:

Electric Drive (E-Drive) Media

An optimized filtration solution for your electric-powered equipment!

Environmentally-friendly, electric-powered machines are becoming more viable and widespread, including in the field of hydraulics. To support this emerging green technology, Schroeder Industries has engineered the ideal media for filtration which protects electric hydraulic systems while maintaining energy efficiency. Here’s what E-Drive Media can do for your equipment:

  • E-Drive Media features a low pressure drop, which is especially critical for electric hydraulic systems with low power requirements to run efficiently. Reducing the pressure drop associated with a filter element by even a few psi extends battery life and increases cost-effectiveness.
  • Potential for reduced horsepower requirements. In certain applications, the E-Drive Media pressure drop is low enough that OEMs can downsize horsepower requirements for additional energy and cost savings.
  • Superior filtration. The all-new specialty formulated, high efficiency, low differential pressure media is crafted with signature Schroeder Industries quality to protect machine components and minimize downtime.

Hydraulic & Lube Filters

Together with our high-efficiency filter media, Schroeder’s hydraulic filters are engineered to enhance system efficiency, increase oil longevity and even enable reservoir downsizing in certain cases. This contributes to a lighter and more efficient system overall, and reduces steel and oil usage.

Featured Hydraulic & Lube Filtration Solutions:

Air Fusion Technology (AFT)

Protect your equipment, and even shrink your tank!

Gaseous contamination in a hydraulic system causes problems ranging from poor/inefficient machine performance, increased oxidization of hydraulic fluid, and cavitation. Schroeder Industries engineered the AFT for superior air filtration, achieving such high performance that it’s even possible to downsize your hydraulic reservoir for a lighter and more efficient system!

Discover the benefits of Air Fusion Technology:

  • Compared to a standard filter, the AFT reduces air in the suction line by 20% on the first pass. Superior air filtration increases the reliability and efficiency of your equipment, saving you costly downtime.
  • Downsize your hydraulic tank by up to 60%. The AFT’s low pressure drop and exceptional air filtration capabilities allow for smaller reservoir sizes. This creates room for additional batteries or a larger fuel tank, allowing your system to get the most out of its fuel source—whether it’s diesel, hydrogen, or electricity.
  • Pair with our lightweight, durable, recyclable TNK reservoirs for an even lighter, more efficient system.
  • Quality protected, Lock and Key endcap design. Quality Protection ensures that only high-quality Schroeder elements can be used, further protecting the equipment and opening up opportunities for increased aftermarket filter element revenue for OEMs.

Sustainable Cartridge Bowl (SCB)

Spin-on cans just got more sustainable!

Typical spin-on hydraulic filters, while convenient and easy to replace, are both expensive and incredibly wasteful. Schroeder Industries has developed the Sustainable Cartridge Bowl (SCB), a unique, patented solution that features a reusable housing bowl design. This design both increases the cost effectiveness of spin-on filters and reduces the carbon footprint and waste of conventional spin-on filter cans. Here’s how this innovative solution benefits OEMs:

  • Reduced cost per changeout. Because the housing bowl is reusable, only the filter element needs changed, reducing the cost per changeout and providing exponential savings over time.
  • Increased revenue from spare element sales. Opting for the more cost-effective and eco-friendly SCB filter is a no-brainer for MROs/end users. Combined with private label customization, which is proven to increase aftermarket retention in filter element sales, the opportunity for increased revenue for OEMs is significant.
  • Positive impact on carbon footprint. Sustainable practices don’t just help the environment—they also benefit an organization’s reputation. The SCB’s unique design makes it much more sustainable compared to a standard spin-on can:
    • 99% reduction in wasted scrap metal due to reusable bowl and coreless element design
    • 87% less oil waste, as oil does not become trapped and discarded with the housing
    • 88% reduction in CO2 emissions overall
  • Schroeder’s premium quality. Schroeder Industries products are all engineered for reliability and superior performance, protecting OEM equipment and reducing warranty claims. The SCB elements feature higher pleat counts and lower pressure drop for improved filtration.

Hydraulic Accessories

Our signature, highly customizable TNK line is manufactured with highly recyclable HDPE for a lightweight, extremely durable reservoir solution. They require less energy to produce than a comparable steel tank, and the reduced weight contributes to overall system and energy efficiency.

Featured Hydraulic Accessories Solution:

TNK Rotomolded Tanks

Ultra-durable, lightweight reservoirs!

Traditional steel hydraulic tanks are heavy and pose a risk of corrosion, releasing particulates into the hydraulic system which result in costly damage and downtime. TNKs from Schroeder Industries offer OEMs a more cost-effective, durable solution:

  • Lighter weight increases system/energy efficiency. Reducing the weight of your system with a rotomolded TNK allows you to get that much more from your fuel source.
  • Built to endure and last. TNKs are capable of withstanding heavy impacts and maintain their integrity in both extreme heat and cold temperatures.
  • Integrated baffle wall for cooling effect and de-aeration. The structure of the TNK itself contributes to temperature control and allows for easier degassing of returning oil.
  • Recyclable material cuts down on waste. These rotomolded tanks are created with recyclable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), considered among the easiest plastic materials to recycle. Additionally, HDPE products require significantly less energy to produce than a comparable product made with steel.
  • TNKs are certified clean, eliminating time-consuming flushing processes and testing.
  • Pair with Schroeder’s Air Fusion Technology (AFT) to increase system efficiency and potentially reduce your reservoir size requirements!

Filter Systems & Diagnostics

Due to contamination, hydraulic oil is often disposed of before its usable life is up. Using diagnostic tools and high-quality offline filter systems is a great way to monitor fluid health and extend the life of hydraulic oil, substantially reducing waste. Additionally, taking proactive measures to detect and reduce hydraulic contamination benefits machine efficiency.

Featured Filter Systems & Diagnostic Solutions:

Total Fluid Condition (TFC)

Portable, exceptional fluid contamination analysis!

The new TFC unit represents the latest in fluid condition monitoring technology. This revolutionary portable service unit is designed to measure and differentiate particulate contamination, as well as relative water content and temperature.


  • Swift assessment of fluid health with accurate, real-time ISO counts.
  • Digital imaging sensors with shape-recognition technology estimate the source of contamination, enabling a more targeted treatment plan.
  • Ultra-portable, durable design travels wherever fluid analysis is needed—from the inside of a plant, to equipment in the field.
  • Exceptional analysis helps monitor contamination and enables proactive treatment, preventing premature waste of hydraulic oil and reducing an operation’s carbon footprint.

Triton® Dehydration Station (TDSA)

Compact, effective offline filtration for particulate and water removal!

Massive quantities of hydraulic oil are wasted before their usable life potential is reached due to contamination. The TDSA is highly effective in removing particulate and water contamination from hydraulic fluid, extending fluid life and cutting down waste.


  • The TDSA uses patented mass transfer dewatering technology to eliminate 100% of free water and up to 90% of dissolved water from small reservoirs, barrels, and gear boxes.
  • Highly effective particulate filtration and dewatering in the same unit.
  • Straightforward controls make filtration simple.
  • Compact, efficient footprint – same diameter as a 55 gallon drum.
  • No expensive vacuum pump to service and replace.
  • 2.4kW heater option for unheated reservoirs.

Fuel Filtration

Most on and off-highway equipment continues to rely on diesel fuel, underscoring the need for premium fuel filtration products. Proper diesel fuel filtration increases fuel efficiency and gas mileage and reduces emissions by removing contaminants and enabling clean combustion. Schroeder also provides filtration solutions that support lower emission, compressed natural gas.

Featured Fuel Filtration Solutions:

HDP-240 On-Board Diesel Fuel Coalescing Filter

Highly effective, compact, onboard diesel filtration

Stricter emission standards call for superior diesel filtration. Optimized for low-flow rate diesel engines, the HDP 240 offers the superior coalescing and particulate filtration of our HDP line in a compact package.


  • Reduces contamination-related accelerated wear of engine components, increasing the engine’s fuel efficiency and component lifespan.
  • Exceptional filtration reduces water and particulate contamination, improving combustion efficiency and reducing emissions.
  • More eco-friendly alternative to disposable, wasteful metallic spin-on filters.
  • Compact size saves space and weight, contributing to a reduction in power requirements.

BestFit® Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Elements

Premium filtration for compressed natural gas!

CNG is a growing and popular alternative to diesel, boasting lower emissions, higher efficiency, and increased engine lifespans among other benefits. Like any fuel source, however, CNG is prone to contamination which can damage downstream components. Schroeder Industries now offers high-quality replacement elements to effectively combat this contamination.


  • Replacement element kits designed for Parker Finite J-Series housings in common sizes and media grade equivalents.
  • Currently available in 4C, 10C, and WS media grade equivalents, using pleated microglass media for extended service life with exceptional performance.
  • The element kits include the replacement bowl seals, designed to fit the competitor housings in the full range of sizes.

Process Filtration

Conserving and recycling water resources is vital for sustainable practices across a range of industries, and effective water filtration systems play an important role. From wastewater treatment and irrigation to cooling towers and marine ballast applications, powerful filtration is required to keep water clean & downstream equipment protected. Our Process Filtration division also offers premium hydrogen gas filters for systems powered by clean, renewable hydrogen.

Featured Process Filtration Solutions:

Process Inline Filter (PLF1)

An efficient, ultrafine filtration solution!

The efficient use and reprocessing of water resources is an important consideration in any operation that utilizes process fluid for cooling, washing, and more. The compact PLF1 provides exceptional filtration for low-viscosity fluids.


  • Multi-layer filter mat construction and high quality filter elements provide excellent filtration for particles between 1 μm-90 μm.
  • Compact, yet flow-optimized design handles flow rates up to 200 m3/h.
  • Large cross sections and filter area enable low pressure drops.
  • Clean side is protected during element change, with high contamination retention capacity.
  • Modular design grants optimal flexibility for every application.

Hydrogen power is at the forefront of sustainable, alternative energy solutions. Systems fueled by hydrogen gas are much more energy-efficient than those powered by fossil fuels, and they only emit water vapor and warm air. Between purpose-built hydrogen engines and retrofits, hydrogen power will continue to rapidly proliferate. However, even hydrogen gas requires filtration to ensure optimal machine performance and increased component life.

Schroeder Industries offers a suite of coalescing and particulate filtration solutions for hydrogen applications.

Try out Schroeder products to achieve your oil cleanliness goals, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint:

Schroeder Rental Equipment Program

Enjoy the benefits of Schroeder Industries’ exceptional filtration equipment without a large capital investment. Superior filtration extends oil life and increases machine reliability and energy efficiency for a more sustainable operation.

Filtration Management as a Service (FMaaS)

With this turnkey service, Schroeder Industries will plan, execute, and manage your filtration strategy and filtration equipment. Reduce your carbon footprint by extending your oil life and eliminating the emissions associated with repeat oil recycling truck visits.

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