Schroeder’s filtration experts can help you find the right solutions for your CNG or Hydrogen application.

Growing global energy demands are ‘fueling’ technological advancements in engines and driving the adoption of alternative energy sources.

Schroeder Industries is at the forefront of filtration innovations that support this energy evolution, developing effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of alternative fuels like CNG and hydrogen.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Filtration

Compressed natural gas, a lower emission alternative to diesel, is one of the most widespread alternative fuels. High quality filtration with a low pressure drop is vital for ensuring that clean CNG is being dispensed as efficiently as possible.

Schroeder Industries has engineered premium filtration solutions that account for CNG’s unique filtration needs.

Featured CNG Solutions:

  • Replacement element kits designed for Parker Finite J-Series housings in common sizes and media grade equivalents.
  • Currently available in 4C, 10C, and WS media grade equivalents, using pleated microglass media for extended service life with exceptional performance.
  • The element kits include the replacement bowl seals, designed to fit the competitor housings in the full range of sizes.

  • CGF filter series provides cost-effective, robust filtration solutions for a broad range of applications.
  • Unlike other compressed gas filters, the CGF series utilizes pleated microglass media construction for more reliable performance and greater capacity.
up to
5,000 psi
up to
800 psi
up to
150 psi

  • High Pressure Compressed Gas Polishing Panel for dispensing & transfer filtration
  • Uses two stages of the Schroeder CGF50 Compressed Gas Filters to remove particles and aerosols of oil and water.
  • Stainless Steel valves, connections, and tubing with flareless crimp connections are used for longevity and durability.

Hydrogen Filtration

Emitting only water vapor and a small amount of nitrogen oxide, hydrogen power is swiftly becoming a benchmark for environmentally responsible energy. Hydrogen filtration requires solutions that account for hydrogen’s exceptionally small molecule size, chemical interactions between the hydrogen and filter materials, the extremely sensitive components required in a hydrogen system, and more

The GF Gas Filter Series is Schroeder’s premier hydrogen filtration product line, engineered with careful consideration for the unique characteristics of hydrogen:

Featured Hydrogen Solutions:

  • Use in onboard and stationary applications up to 15,228 psi
  • Superior permeate quality due to Chemicron® material
  • Excellent differential pressure stability
  • High pressure stability – highest resistances through non-utilization of adhesives, polymer seals or grouting

  • Compact inline gas filters
  • Available as coalescence and particulate filters
  • No contamination of the clean side during filter element change
  • Extremely robust stainless steel filter element technology
  • Maintenance-friendly design; line dismantling not required
up to
14,500 psi
up to
10,150 psi
up to
5,800 psi

Need superior filtration for your CNG or Hydrogen application? Schroeder Industries can help!

From diagnostics to filtration, our filtration experts can help determine the right solutions for virtually any application. Let us know how we can help you:

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