Lightweight, Ultra Durable Hydraulic Reservoirs

The TNK Series offer complete hydraulic reservoir solutions with pre-installed accessories, gauges, and air breathers. These reservoirs are engineered to last and increase your equipment’s efficiency.

With 7, 12, 18, and 25 gallon options with potential for custom solutions, there’s a TNK for every system! Pair with Air Fusion Technology (AFT) to boost air filtration capabilities and even downsize your reservoir requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete hydraulic reservoir solution with accessories like gauges, in-tank filters, and air breathers already installed
  • Patented insertion ring for filter head flange mounting prevents leakage, and all TNKs are individually tested for leakage
  • Optimized for heat and air removal; the patented integrated baffle wall creates settling zone for returning oil (degassing) with simultaneous cooling effect
  • Tank is certified clean, eliminating time-consuming flushing processes and testing
  • Lightweight and cost efficient, but capable of withstanding heavy impact and temperature extremes
  • No risk of corrosion
  • Made with recyclable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), considered among the easiest plastic materials to recycle and requires significantly less energy to produce than a comparable product made with steel
  • Part of Schroeder Industries’ Energy Sustainability Initiative

Dynamic Duo: Pair TNK with AFT Filter to Maximize Air Filtration & System Efficiency

The TNK’s design already enhances degassing, and paired with the new AFT filter, air filtration is greatly augmented and system efficiency can be increased.

Air Fusion Technology, or the AFT, is engineered to maximize air filtration:

  • Compared to a standard filter, the AFT reduces air in the suction line by 20% on the first pass. Superior air filtration increases the reliability and efficiency of your equipment, saving you costly downtime.
  • The AFT’s low pressure drop and exceptional air filtration capabilities allow for smaller reservoir sizes—even downsizing by up to 60%! This creates room for additional batteries or a larger fuel tank, allowing your system to get the most out of its fuel source.