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AutoFilt® RF9: Superior Process Filtration for Hydroforming

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Header graphic with text reading: Superior Filtration for Hydroforming. How can your business benefit from the AutoFilt® RF9? Ask the Experts.

What is hydroforming?

Hydroforming is a specialized deep draw manufacturing process used to create a wide variety of metal components and is especially popular within the automotive industry.

In the sheet hydroforming process, highly pressurized water is applied into a mold, and the water pressure forces the metal to conform to the shape of the die.

Diagram showing the hydroforming process.

Compared to conventional stamping methods, hydroformed parts can be created in more complex shapes with greater efficiency, thinner metal sheets, and high-quality surface finish.

Why is process filtration so important for hydroforming applications?

Like any process water application, contamination can greatly affect the lifespan and performance of the high-pressure hydroforming press.

To protect vital downstream components like high pressure pumps and manifolds from wear and tear, high-quality process filtration is a must for any hydroforming system. If left unchecked, contamination can wear out machine components, reducing operational efficiency and forcing expensive repairs and costly downtime. Additionally, defective/scrap material output can increase.

The process filtration experts at Schroeder Industries understand the impact that high-quality filtration has on a business. We can find a Schroeder solution for virtually any process filtration application, including hydroforming:

Why is an AutoFilt® RF9 from Schroeder Industries the best choice for your hydroforming application?

Image of the AutoFilt® RF9 filter with a water splash in the background.

The AutoFilt® RF9 is Schroeder’s first choice for filtration in hydroforming applications. Already, the RF9 has seen great repeat success in the hydroforming division at one of the world’s largest automotive frame manufacturing plants.

Here’s what makes the RF9 so effective:

  • Super fine filtration with minimal pressure loss. When filtering process fluid or water for a high pressure application, it’s critical to both achieve the lowest micron filtration levels as possible while minimizing pressure loss. The RF9 is capable of filtering down to 5 microns in a standard hydroforming setup.
  • Eliminates costly, disposable cartridges. The automatic back-flushing mechanism within the RF9 cleans the re-usable filter elements in under a minute, with minimal interruption to the filtration process.
  • Low-maintenance and service-friendly. Elements are held securely in the RF9, but are easy to access and require no special tools or torque to change out.
  • Customizable with options like bypass filters, external heaters, backwash waste treatment units, and more.

Connection Sizes:DN 32 to DN 350
Flow Rates:1000 m3/h (4400 GPM)
Pmin / Pmax:2.0 bar / 16.0 bar (29-232 PSI)
Max. Operating Temperature:180° C (356° F)
Filtration Ratings:3 to 500 μm
Filter Elements:– Chemicron® metal fibre
– Dutch weave
– Square mesh
Filter Housing Materials:EN-GJS-400-15 / DIN EN 1563 / AD-2000 W3/2
Material of Internal Parts and Filter Elements:– Internal parts: steel and cast iron
– Filter elements: stainless steel
Control Parameters:Electronic or PLC control unit

The AutoFilt® RF9 is defined by its globally unique, patented hydropneumatic back-flushing technology with secure media separation.


  • Back-flushing driven by external air system, rather than using system differential pressure
  • Large filter surface for its compact size
  • Low-maintenance, service-friendly design
  • Suitable for fuels, cooling lubricants, lubricating oils
  • External heater possible
  • Optional: bypass filter
  • Optional: Backwash Treatment Unit for back-flush volume treatment


  • No mixing with the compressed air
  • Adjustable back-flushing intensity
  • Efficient hydraulic cleaning
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • No reduction in pressure during back-flushing
  • Low compressed air consumption
  • Low pressure drops
  • Intelligent control system

Let the experts at Schroeder Industries help find the perfect solution for your process application!

Backed by over 75 years of innovation, industry experience, and proven successes, Schroeder Industries can work with you to find the optimal solution for your filtration needs. Let us know how we can help you:

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