MFGDay 2020

Manufacturing Day is not unlike any other Friday for Schroeder Industries…

The fresh steel rods arrive at our dock, the machine shop hustles to innovate new and familiar parts, and the filtration products you’ve come to love are being built and shipped right out of Pittsburgh, PA.

What is different is the year 2020…

It’s been a year with challenges.

One with alternating schedules and one with furloughs and lay-offs.

The manufacturing world has not been immune to these trying times.

But we have made the best of them.

We are grateful to say that the manufacturing industry has been recognized as “essential”.

This ordinance enabled us to continue manufacturing many of the critical products necessary for industry.

It has also helped us keep the team we’ve built and are so proud of together and ready to provide these products, as well as support to one another, as quickly as possible – especially in emergencies.

We are essential in keeping the world moving.

Faces of Hydraulic Filtration

In 2019, Schroeder Industries represented the
“Face of Hydraulic Filtration” in the Fluid Power Journal Publication.

October 2, 2020 marks the 8th consecutive month of working without incidents.

This means that, in addition to following strict CDC guidelines, we continue to adhere to the stringent OSHA guidelines like we always have.

We are incredibly proud of our staff for taking the extra precautions and truly keeping our operation and each other safe and thriving.

“This could only have been achieved with a TEAM that cares about each other, a TEAM that cares about providing for their families and a TEAM that does what it takes to get the job done!  Sacrifice and Commitment from every employee at Schroeder Industries.  I am Proud of everyone here.  The past few months have been trying but we are weathering the storm and coming out stronger than before!” – John Ciora Jr., Plant Manager, Pittsburgh, PA.

Our plan is to continue these safety measures well into the next year.

We hope to carry these safety practices until Manufacturing Day 2021 – and on.

So today, please show appreciation to the products that make your job easier and remember that somewhere, someone just like you is building these products to shape the future.

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