Plug-and-Play IoT Solutions – Local Fluid Conditioning

For the first time, fluid conditioning experts release the easiest way to automate fluid condition monitoring and sampling.

Leetsdale, PA. (September 30, 2020) – Schroeder Industries, a recognized leader in fluid engineering and condition monitoring introduces the all-new plug-and-play Condition Monitoring Starter Kits for real-time fluid condition.

Condition Monitoring Starter Kits

In a perfect world, end-users would experience zero (0) hydraulic component failure and run their multi-million-dollar operations seamlessly. We all know that’s rarely ever the case, especially with contaminated fluid.

Contaminated hydraulic fluid is the leading cause for system downtime.

Fortunately, Schroeder Industries offers a full-line of top-tier sensors to catch less-than-ideal hydraulic fluid before it enters the system. Schroeder also understands that fluid sensors are a relatively new technology to some and anything IoT-related can be overwhelming. It’s because of this that Schroeder has developed the plug-and-play Condition Monitoring Starter Kits (#1-4).

What's Included

With the Condition Monitoring Starter Kits (#1-4), Schroeder now passes their 74+ years of condition monitoring expertise for a truly seamless integration experience. These plug-and-play packages provide the technology, necessary cables, hoses, and wires all in a single purchase order. Everything operations managers need to start monitoring (and saving) their hydraulic equipment like a pro. The Condition Monitoring Starter Kits come in four (4) unique sets: Local Data Display (#1), IoT (#2), HY-TRAX® IoT (#3), and CSM-Economy (#4). All four (4) kits are now available on the Schroeder website.

About Schroeder Industries

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Schroeder Industries has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing a complete range of Advanced Fluid Conditioning Solutions® for over 70 years. With products proudly manufactured in the United States, we DELIVER the fluid power industry’s most technically advanced and reliable liquid filtration products. Today our customers include a majority, if not all, of the world’s largest OEM and MRO operations.

Please contact Schroeder Industries at 1-800-722-4810 or email if you have additional questions.

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