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What is Process Filtration?

Process filtration is a major focal point of what we do at Schroeder Industries.

The filtration process is commonly used to remove contamination and solid particles from gas-solid or liquid-solid process streams.

Additionally, there are filtration solutions to improve one’s operating water quality. This includes:

  • Process water
  • Waste water
  • River water
  • Cooling towers
  • Backwash
  • Industrial gases
  • Low-viscosity fluids
  • And all other types of oil, fuel, water, and compressed gases

We’ve even coined the phrase “if it flows, it’s probably Schroeder”.

Trust the Experts of Process Filtration

Proper filtration in treatment processes such as process water, wastewater discharge, or reuse is critical.

Moving liquids or gases from somewhere like a refinery, food/beverage, steel, automotive, pulp and paper or oil produced water application requires pre-filtration due to high amounts of suspended solids in these typical applications.

In fact, there are usually several filtration and treatment steps in these applications to ensure that the treated water meets the required discharge or reuse standard.

In addition, filtration in treatment schemes ensures reduced operating cost on downstream polishing treatment systems.

Schroeder Industries Focuses on Your Process, Delivery Reliability and Improvements

Schroeder Industries will optimize your filtration solution based on the specific characteristics of your system, including the water source, specific application, and downstream equipment.

Poor filtration can cause a degradation of your final product or failure of downstream equipment. This can cost hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in downtime or wasted product.

Schroeder Industries is here to partner with you to ensure reduced maintenance and high quality filtration designed specifically for your application.

The most important aspects of the application of filtration process include:

  • Performance
  • Efficiency
  • System parameters
  • Stable emulsions
  • Water intake
  • Economic impact

For instance, a very important step in a membrane treatment plant in the United States is the pretreatment of fluid to remove large particulate and biologicals.

If unmanaged, poor prefiltration can result in:

  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Damaged components (like a pump or heat exchanger)
  • Reduced service times

Selection of process filtration equipment from Schroeder Industries

But why Schroeder?

At Schroeder Industries, our 75 years of industrial application of filtration has lead us to offering just three (3) common design-types of process filters:

  • Backflush, Self Cleaning Filters/Strainers (automatic and manual) covering a wide range of flow and filtration ratings.
    • The elements in all backflush filters are reusable and economically sound.
    • Backflush filters offer low maintenance requirement and low operating costs.
    • This includes our line of backwash, automatic self cleaning water filters and auto strainer filters.
  • Bag Filter Systems come in multiple standard sizes of 1, 2, 3, and 4.
    • These are most suitable for coarse and fine filtration.
    • This includes our line of single, duplex and oil absorbing bag housing and element solutions.
  • Cartridge Filter Systems are elements that apply depth filtration.
    • Depth filtration increases dirt holding capacity while offering efficient filtration.
    • These are also suitable for fine filtration.
    • This includes our line of self cleaning cartridge filters, basket strainers, and more.

Learn how to open ro filter candle – Watch on YouTube “PLFx Series | Process Inline Filter”.

We also own exclusive partnerships to help us be your one-stop partner in filtration.

We have partnerships with:

It is our experience that your project will flourish with any one of the options listed above.

The option always lives to choose one, proceed, and move forward on the project at hand.

What if I have needs not satisfied by the options listed above?

If we later determine that one of the aforementioned options does not quite meet the goals you have set in place, we also specialize as an engineering firm. Our in-house team has the ability to look at your operational design and personalize a process filtration solution fit for your individual needs.

This may even include taking one of our existing solutions and retrofitting it to your specific needs.

The Schroeder Guarantee

Schroeder ensures protection of product and equipment, no matter what the project. To do this, it is important to perform selective filtering of solids from gas and liquid process streams. Poor filtering can cause a degradation of your final product or failure of equipment. This can cause hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in downtime or wasted product.

An infinite amount of applications and gases/liquids exist and Schroeder has the expertise to determine your optimal filtration needs. Schroeder has the optimized filtration solution based on your media, economics, permits, filtration goals, etc. This can include industrial processes, mining food and beverage, drinking water and wastewater.

Watch on YouTube “Process Technology | Water Filtration Systems”.

In this vast world there are no two applications that are exactly alike. Schroeder Process Division has the experience and expertise to provide you with personalized answers and solutions.  From low viscosity water, emulsions and machine coolants to heavy fuels to compressed gas applications – Schroeder is your filter expert!

About us – Schroeder Industries – A US Company
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Schroeder Industries (celebrating 75 years in 2021) is a US Corporation that started as a mining equipment manufacturer and reseller in 1946. Since then, the company has evolved to be a leading firm in the development and production of fluid power conditioning equipment. Schroeder designs solutions for both OEM and MRO, Industrial and Mobile Equipment. From hydraulic fluids and low-viscosity fluids to process water and fuels. A partnership with Schroeder guarantees innovative products, processes, and solutions to improve performance and efficiency in your equipment.

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