Harmful Varnish Is On The Rise

As hydraulic oil oxidizes and degrades, a sticky substance known as varnish is deposited throughout the hydraulic system. Changing oil chemistry in modern hydraulic systems and the high pressure & temperatures achieved during equipment operation are leading to increased varnish deposits.

How Does Varnish Affect Your Hydraulic System?

Varnish accumulation in a hydraulic system causes a variety of potentially serious issues:

  • Varnish deposits on hydraulic valves and other components can cause the components to stick, or even become fully jammed.
  • The operating temperature of the machine may increase as the machine tries to compensate for its reduced efficiency, which can accelerate oil degradation and cause overheating.
  • Machines may malfunction at critical moments as components lose efficiency or fail entirely, leading to lost productivity or safety hazards.
  • Hydraulic filters and filter elements may become prematurely blocked due to varnish buildup.
  • Lost productivity and frequent repairs or part replacements due to varnish buildup can become very costly.

VEU Compact: Bust Varnish Before It Can Tarnish Your Equipment!

The new VEU Compact has been specially engineered to tackle varnish and protect hydraulic systems from its harmful effects. As the risk of varnish contamination and related problems proliferate, having a specialized filtration solution can save you and your system considerable trouble.

  • A cost-effective, accessible varnish mitigation solution
  • Compact design and small footprint makes installation simpler on machines with smaller reservoirs or in areas with limited space
  • Dual stage filtration combines ultra-efficient synthetic media and a high density cellulose layer for maximized particulate capture while maintaining filter efficiency
  • Does not require a cooler for optimal varnish extraction
  • Increases oil service life by removing contaminants
  • Backed by the technology, engineering experience, and quality assurance of Schroeder Industries

Viscosity Range:15 – 200 cSt (70 – 925 SUS)
Permitted Oil Temperature Range:50° – 160° F (10° – 70° C)
Permitted Storage Temperature Range:32° – 122° F (0° – 50° C)
Operating Pressure:174 PSI (12 bar)
Permitted Pressure at Suction Port:-5.8 psi – 7.3 psi (-0.4 – 0.5 bar)
Suction Connection:ISO 228 – 1 G1
Discharge Connection:ISO 228 – 1 G1
Noise Level at 3ft Distance:< 70 db
Seal Material:FKM / Viton
Permitted Relative Humidity:0 – 80 %
Dry Weight:31 lbs (14kg)

More Solutions For Banishing Varnish

Schroeder Industries is no stranger to the effects of varnish, and the VEU Compact isn’t the only solution we have to offer. Learn more about our other specialized varnish removal systems!

VEU – Varnish Elimination Unit

The service-friendly Varnish Elimination Unit (VEU) is used to prepare mineral oils and is particularly effective at removing varnish. By reducing the oil temperature with an onboard cooler, the VEU allows for exceptional varnish precursor extraction.

VMU – Varnish Mitigation Unit

Available as both a complete service unit and modular system for retrofits, the VMU traps varnish particulates on the surface of an active filter element via adsorption

Is The VEU Compact Right For Your Application? Ask the Experts!

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