It happens every year.

While you sip your morning coffee, or watch the morning news, there are soldiers that are starting their mornings a little differently.

Navy day showing combat boats, automatic guns, UAV, drone, warships, handguns, dive boat etc

Then, November 11 comes around and we are reminded of the sacrifices and honor those who chose to risk their lives so we can continue to live ours.

But Veteran’s Day is not the only day an American Manufacturer thinks about the soldiers.

Every day that we wake up and go to our respective work stations, we reflect.

It’s because of the brave individuals that we get to go to work each day and build. We’re building products from American processes for American processes.

We should all take a moment today and consider what we take for granted and how we might not have that privilege if it weren’t for the brave individuals who woke up and decided to sacrifice their lives so that you could drink that cup of coffee grown on American soil, jam out to that American band that takes you back, or type a blog post on a computer built in an American factory.

“We owe you our freedom and without you, we would not have the opportunity to do the work that we do here today! Thank You!” – Gus Schroeder, President.

Do us all a favor and thank a Veteran for us today.

And if you have served, leave a comment below so we can thank you ourselves.

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