What are Hand-Held Hydraulic Filter Units?

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Hand-held filtration systems are compact, self-contained, “light-viscosity”, industrial separation systems.

With over 70% of all premature system failures being attributed to hydraulic and water source contamination, it is critical to implement the finest portable oil filter machine to all phases of a hydraulic circuit. That includes the flushing, transferring, and filling processes. The flexibility of portable filtration makes addressing filtration across these different phases easy.

Filter carts are are a convenient mobile alternative to stationary units, but hand-held units take this a step further. Portable filter units utilize the same filtration technologies most commonly found in full-size filtration cart systems, but offered in a portable size, similar to a Black & Decker Hand Vacuum. Often times, at least in our case, these units are sold with high efficiency, high capacity liquid pressure filter elements capable of removing particulate contamination and/or water quickly, conveniently and economically from the hydraulic fluid.

Hand-held filter elements are especially critical to the operating system pressure lines since new fluids often have contamination levels significantly higher than the recommended amount in most hydraulic systems. These units are small enough for use as drum or tank top filtration for cleaning up existing systems as well as the pre-filtration of new fluids.

Why Schroeder Industries?

As the markets that uses hydraulic components become more dynamic, they are now more dependent on the highest quality filtration, separation, and reservoir accessories available.

Our hand-held systems are the premier offline, portable filtration systems for maintaining oil water separation and mineral-based fluid conditioning in the market.

Which Schroeder Industries portable filtration unit is right for your needs?

With two (2) product offerings available, each with a proven track-record, our solutions are the industry go-to for affordable and easy-to-use filtration:

Schroeder’s Handy Filter System Basic Cart is a compact, self-contained “light-duty” filtration system
equipped with high efficiency, high capacity elements capable of removing particulate contamination
and/or water quickly, conveniently and economically. It is perfect for cleaning up existing systems as well as
for pre-filtering new fluids, since new fluids often have contamination levels significantly higher than that
recommended for most hydraulic systems.

This portable filtration system’s compact, lightweight design with replaceable element cartridge and reusable bowl
minimizes landfill waste. Element service is easily accomplished through the top-ported filter housings. The
optional dual filter assembly allows for water and particulate removal or staged particulate contamination removal.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact size, easily transported
  • Now available with 12 V DC Power Option, allowing for system power to be drawn directly from your heavy machinery
  • Cartridge elements have 25% higher dirt holding capacity compared to spin-on filters
  • Top-ported filter provides easy element service
  • Can be used as an efficient “tank-topper” solution for drums of mineral-based fluids
  • Optional Backpack Version available for ease of transport across distances

The HFS-15 Hand Held Portable Filter is a portable service unit for filling and flushing hydraulic systems. These can also be used for cleaning in bypass flow. This portable hydraulic filtration unit can be fitted with a contamination sensor to allow for the monitorization of solid particle contamination. The cleanliness class results are displayed according to ISO, SAE or NAS classifications.

Features and Benefits

  • Improvement in service life for components and system filters
  • Increased oil service life
  • Increased machine availability
  • Simple operation
  • Compact design
  • Integrated dry running protection
  • Optional CS1000 | Contamination Sensor ensures continuous monitoring of oil cleanliness during cleaning

See how the HFS-15 reduced an ISO count of 21/19/15 to 15/14/11 in just 1 hour!

Application Guidelines

Since both hand held filter offerings from Schroeder Industries are light-weight and extremely portable, they can be used throughout the plant or in service vehicles that use high viscosity fluids. Several application examples include:

  • Supplementing continuous liquid filtration by system filters.
  • Cleaning up hydraulic systems following a component replacement.
  • Filtering new fluid before it is put into service.
  • Transferring fluid from drums to system reservoirs.

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