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Filter Element Cross Referencing Made Easy

Different brands of hydraulic filtration elements are often interchangeable, but it can be challenging to find appropriate replacements from a different manufacturer. Whether you’re searching for high-quality replacement parts or just trying to compare parts and pricing, the Schroeder’ Industries Cross Reference tool can help you quickly find a Schroeder equivalent for thousands of part numbers across the industry!

BestFit® by Schroeder Industries – Premium Quality Filter Element Replacements

Schroeder BestFit replacement filter element

Our BestFit® elements offer maximum dirt-holding capacity, superior particle capture, excellent beta efficiency and stability, minimal pressure drop, all while maintaining a low operating cost.

The BestFit® Replacement Element Program consists of many different standard cartridge and spin-on replacement elements, utilizing all our unique element media technologies!

Each BestFit® replacement element is manufactured to outperform its competitors in all major categories of element performance. Most importantly, we offer the easiest way to determine the Schroeder equivalent of more than 42,000 competitive elements!

Using the Schroeder Industries Cross Reference Tool

The Schroeder Industries Cross Reference tool will help find an equivalent Schroeder product to OEM brand part numbers. To locate your product equivalent, enter a partial or exact cross reference part number in the first search bar, or search by the OEM brand name in the drop-down bar. When a search/cross has been generated, click the Schroeder part number to access the catalog page for the cross referenced part.

Follow along with the below video for a walkthrough on how the Schroeder Industries Cross Reference tool works:

Cross Reference Page – How To

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