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Diesel Engine Evolution Brings New Challenges

In 2004, the EPA introduced Tier 4 emission standards, requiring reduction of particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions from diesel engines by 90%. These requirements were intended to roll out in stages from 2008-2015, based on engine power category.

New technology has been required to achieve compliance with Tier 4 standards, resulting in drastic changes to the fuel injection systems of diesel engines and posing new challenges for equipment owners and operators.

These changes make engine components far less tolerant of liquid and particulate contamination. For optimal engine performance in line with stricter emission standards, high quality fuel filtration is critical at all stages, from storage to consumption.

The use of ultralow sulfur fuel and biodiesel blends allow for higher amounts of water in fuel, and water contamination causes a variety of problems for diesel-powered engines:

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  • Microbial growth. Commonly referred to as ‘diesel bug,’ these microorganisms thrive in water-contaminated fuel. In large quantities, they cause a variety of issues including blocked filters, reduced fuel efficiency, increased emissions, and even total engine failure. Once a case of diesel bug becomes moderate to severe, expensive remediation is required to control the contamination.
  • Engine component degradation. Water contamination in fuel reduces lubricity and encourages acid buildup, leading to component wear and corrosion.
  • Reduced fuel quality. Along with acidity and sediments forming as fuels degrade (oxidize), the cetane number can fall.  The cetane number measures the quality and performance of diesel fuel, so a lower number results in increased emissions and reduced efficiency.

As engine technology evolves, high fuel quality is paramount, and filtration technology must keep pace. On-board filtration can’t bear all the weight of contaminated fuel, so maximizing filtration in the storage, transfer, and dispensing stages is invaluable for mitigating equipment problems and high repair costs.

GHCF: A Superior Fuel Filtration Solution

Schroeder Industries is meeting the challenges of changing engine technology and emission standards with innovative fuel filtration solutions. The GHCF, or GeoSeal® High-Flow Coalescing Filter, is a compact and versatile filter engineered for exceptional particulate and water filtration during transfer and delivery, polishing, and dispensing.

Here’s what makes the GHCF an ideal choice for a variety of fuel applications:

Geoseal High Flow Coalescing Filter for diesel fuel filtration
  • Compact design and footprint. Conventional fuel filtration setups often utilize several individual filters to achieve the levels of filtration that just one GHCF offers. With a GHCF, the size and weight of the filtration setup are reduced. Additionally, a GHCF costs up to 50% less than conventional multiple-filters setups.
  • Exceptional flow rate for its size. The GHCF’s 25gpm flow rate is very high for its relatively small footprint, allowing efficient bulk filtration in a compact package.
  • Easier element changeouts. Unlike most comparable fuel filters on the market, which require full element length clearance, the GHCF only requires 4.5″ of clearance. This reduced clearance requirement makes it ideal for installations with limited space such as polishing panels and cabinets.
  • Lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The all-aluminum construction with anodization results in a lighter and corrosion-resistant filter compatible with diesel and biodiesel.
  • Compatible with both pressure and vacuum applications due to its unique inside-to-outside flow design.
  • Superior filtration. The GHCF and and its coalescing filter elements are engineered for excellence in particulate and water filtration, and with GeoSeal® Quality Protection, only high quality filter elements can be utilized.

The GHCF comes equipped with a large, sump-level sight glass allowing water levels in the sump to be determined at a glance. Other options including automatic water drain functionality, water in fuel sensors, and sump heaters can be easily retrofitted to the filter. The GHCF makes an excellent substitute for high flow cartridge and spin on absorbing or coalescing solutions.

Schroeder Industries: your source for superior filtration solutions

Interested in how the GHCF can elevate your fuel filtration? Contact Schroeder Industries for a quote and learn more about how this versatile filter can benefit your business!

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