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New in Bulk Diesel Filtration from Schroeder Industries

Seasons Changing

The changes of the seasons are upon us all. Fall is setting in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring is in bloom in the Southern Hemisphere. Here is how Schroeder Industries is helping with all of your diesel fuel filtration needs.

Introducing the BDFP and BDFPE from Schroeder Industries

2020 has been a challenging year for so many of individuals. Here at Schroeder Industries, we want to share some good news from our side. Today, we are introducing you to our Bulk Diesel Filtration Panel (BDFP) and our BDFPE (Bulk Diesel Filtration Panel Enclosed).

These Schroeder in-line fuel polishing systems are designed with options from the most basic of operation and integration to hands-free automation and programmable functionality. By using the GHPF, GHCF, BDF2 and BDS products as the foundation for the BDPF and BDFPE, we are able to incorporate that same patented water removal technology and high efficiency particulate filtration of the core components detailed in previous posts and trainings.

These turn-key systems can effectively remove both free and emulsified water as well as solid contamination. This prevents the microbial growth from thriving in the stored fuel.

These systems are competitively priced and outperform all of the competitive products in all categories and performance objectives. By having a better performance with a higher throughput, the Schroeder system can offer the best return on investment.

The BDFP and BDFPE ensure reliable protection of the customers’ installations and equipment. These systems can be “private labeled,” thereby generating new revenue otherwise lost today.

Technical Specifications Shown Below: 

Technical Specifications BDFP BDFPEBulk Diesel Filtration Panel














How Do They Work?

The BDFP has flow ranges of 14 GPM/ 840 GPH up to 25 GPM /1500 GPH with the electric option. There is an air driven pump option as well at similar flow rates.

This allows for use in applications where electrical service is not readily available.  The BDFP is designed for use in basic diesel fuel transfer, polishing and dispensing applications. The BDFP can be used in all three depending on the plumbing configuration.

Example below is for the BDFPE system rated at 15 GPM / 900 GPH.


Enclosed Bulk Diesel Filter Panel Example


These systems are available at fixed flow ranges from 5 GPM / 300 GPH up to 25 GPM / 1500 GPH. The enclosure configurations from NEMA 12 to NEMA 4X allow the systems to be used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor installations.

Through regular fuel polishing, the Schroeder BDFPE can protect vital fuel storage, ensuring a reliable supply of clean stable water-free fuel. Additional options and features include external fuel test points, automatic water drain systems, programmable controls, and standard alerts and alarms ensure safe, functional, reliable operation of the fuel polishing system.

An industry innovation incorporates the use of our field-proven particle counting technology to analyze the cleanliness of the fuel in real-time and use that data to automatically adjust run times to meet pre-programmed target cleanliness levels.

The BDFP and BDFPE systems significantly help expand our overall Fuels product offerings with a key focus on Power Generation-Gensets and high flow HP/kW diesel engines.

For more information about Bulk Diesel Filtration, please contact us.

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