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What Are Hydraulic Tank Accessories?

Schroeder Industries offers a complete range of hydraulic fluid tank accessories, subsystems, and individual components such as breather filters.

The Hydraulic Tank Accessories Product Categories focus on providing the components that make up the entire hydraulic reservoir.

Selection of Schroeder Hydraulic Tank Accessories

Each component on the reservoir performs a key role for fluid care and hydraulic motors.

We not only produce tank-mounted return filters, we also manufacture and supply every component needed to make a reservoir even more valuable to the overall fluid system.
We have:

  • Air breathers (both synthetic media and silica gel options)
  • Strainers
  • Sight gauges
  • Reservoirs
  • Component level products such as types of level gauges/liquid level gauges, electrical and visual indicators are also included in this product line

*All available for private labeling making Schroeder Industries your one-stop shop private label manufacturer (see below)!

Why Should I Use Schroeder Hydraulic Tank Accessories?

Schroeder Hydraulic Tank Accessories serve many purposes. Our primary goal is to keep fluids under high pressure as clean as possible.

We use patented technology in an attempt to secure the national brand product in the market.

Our customers will tell you that we have the best:

Air breather for hydraulic fluid

Our air breathers ensure all hydraulic oil types are free of airborne debris, both moisture and solid.

We offer a portfolio of high quality, cost effective air breathers with various options for a wide range of applications.

Our breather elements are constructed of phenolic resin impregnated paper or synthetic media. Both types provide high resistance to moisture and adequate micron ratings, ensuring proper filtration while extending the operational service life of the breather.

Desiccant air breather for hydraulic fluid

In our experience over the last 75 years, we have determined that hydraulic fluid is best when it is dry.

Dry hydraulic fluid lasts longer and reduces wear and tear on components as well as reducing varnish formation in the hydraulic fluid.

Our desiccant breathers will help maintain the cleanliness and condition of the fluid in the circuit by keeping the fluid dry and free from airborne particulate contamination.

Strainer for hydraulic reservoir

Strainers ensure a secondary protection for components on the hydraulic system.

By installing a strainer on the hydraulic reservoir, you will capture larger pieces of unwanted debris from entering the suction line. We offer two types of strainers: standard metal based suction and magnetic.

Sight level gauge for hydraulic fluid measurement

Sight level gauges and other detecting devices provide information for the stored fluid including fluid levels.

We offer several options of gauges, including those to use as a warning of increased (or decreased) levels.

These are a must when seeing and maintaining the level of oil in your reservoir is crucial to your operation.

Hydraulic fluid tank complete package

Our hydraulic reservoir tank products embody the totality of the reservoir system; eliminating any optimization problems and including all of the components mentioned above in a single purchase order.

These turnkey solution can be retrofitted to any application requiring a hydraulic reservoir. They are engineered to function as a standalone system and can be dropped into any hydraulic circuit right out of the box.

Watch on YouTube “TNK | Complete Package Solution | Official Product Release”.

With Hydraulic Tank Accessories, it is important for them to seamlessly integrate with your equipment. In addition to the products mentioned above, we also make hydraulic adapters and hydraulic connectors to make incorporating our accessories simple.

Customization at Schroeder doesn’t stop with our filter products.

With every aspect of the hydraulic circuit covered, we have an unrivaled ability to create custom solutions to fit your exact needs. Whether it be a sizing requirement on a hydraulic pump or a specific location for an adapter. Schroeder Industries has a plan for you.

Markets Our Accessories Currently Serve

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We Offer Private Labeling on Products

Private labeling is a significant feature Schroeder offers for multiple products. This includes accessories.

Private label goods are perfect for companies that already use Schroeder Industries products within their equipment. We have the option to private label brand all of the components mentioned above to represent your brand.

Ask about our interactive forms to screen-print, laser, or paint any and all information you require on your product. Our forms allows our customers to design the label exactly how they want it, so we get the best outcome.

Flexibility options include:

  • The location of your logo
  • How you’ll send the artwork
  • Custom markings
  • Barcodes

At Schroeder Industries, we’re committed to finding the perfect results for you and your company. Reach out today for a Schroeder Hydraulic Accessories solution!

Watch on YouTube “Tank Optimization | Complete Package Solution”.

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