Offering $10K-1M+ in operational cost savings in just 15 minutes!

Welcome to our all-new training program for OEM’s and MRO Operations. In just 15 minutes, we will bring to you suggested cleanliness solutions for hydraulic and lubrication fluids, process waters, and fuels. All presentations are delivered with ROI examples that will justify your time and decisions to implement.

What is Fast Fifteen?Value Proposition - Fast Fifteen

With over 70 years of experience helping the world’s largest OEM and MRO Operations, we’ve learned a thing or two about machine reliability. That is why we have industry experts for machines that run hydraulic and lubricants, fuel and diesel fuel, as well as process water and low-viscosity fluids ready to answer any questions and address concerns you may be experiencing with your plant or fleet equipment.

Now that you know a little bit more about Schroeder Industries’ Fast Fifteen, we are confident that we could offer $10K-1M+ in operational cost savings in a 15 minute time slot. Are you interested?

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Give us 15 - we will give you targeted fluid cleanliness concepts for your machine. Some of our Fast Fifteen topics include the tools and techniques needed to achieve extended oil drain intervals w/o warranty concerns, how to reduce reservoir sizes by up to 60% through patented air removal designs, how to triple OEM aftermarket revenue programs w/ 100% OES capture, new high efficiency diesel solutions tailored for Tier IV Demands, and more!
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