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What is a Fuel Filter System?

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A fuel filter system is a stand-alone filtration system that recirculates fuel to remove contamination like particulate and water. They integrate a pump and motor. They are available in both stationary and portable versions to make it easier to quickly improve stored fuel quality.

Fuel filter carts have many applications in bulk storage and mobile equipment:

  • Polishing of fuel within bulk storage tanks within bulk storage tanks, day tanks, belly tanks, and mobile equipment fuel tanks
  • Filtering delivered fuel into bulk storage tanks
  • High volume transfer of fuel between bulk storage containers for distribution or tank maintenance
  • Dispensing or transfer or fuel from bulk storage into portable fuel tanks or mobile equipment


Fuel Filter Systems Carts

Fuel Filter Systems / Mobile Filtration Units

The Schroeder Industries’ Fuel Filter Systems and Mobile Filtration Units are a series of portable or permanent filtration and water removal solutions.

They are great resources for individuals responsible for bulk fuel maintenance. Needing to efficiently and cost effectively remove contamination from stored diesel fuel.

Our filter carts also boast assistance to our 2030 Initiative. A proper fuel cleanliness program is an often overlooked part of reducing our environmental impact and helping with eco responsible equipment operation.

Our fuel filter systems are equipped with full Schroeder style synthetic particulate and coalescing filter media. This improves fuel quality, keeping diesel emissions control systems operating reliably.  Also, the filtration technology vastly increases element service life which, in turn, lowers the amount of element change-outs and disposed waste.

When it comes to filter cart systems, element changeouts are especially important for sustainability. A filter element is graded on its ability to hold contamination for a given amount of time. This helps ensure the fuel stays clean.

To read more information of the Schroeder Industries 2030 Initiative, click here.


The Schroeder Difference

Unlike other fuel filtration systems, the Schroeder Fuel Filtration Center of Excellence provides readily available, turn-key solutions for rapid deployment. This includes critical features in the standard configurations. This makes it so that you can minimize the complexity of the system and the decision making process.

We offer solutions with staged filtration as well. This is within more complex configurations. These utilize our patent protected coalescing water removal technology. Developed within our Leetsdale Fluid Care Center laboratory and in-house engineering expertise.

Our filter carts and stationary systems offer filtration to a wide variety of markets.

Because of the mobility of our filter carts, they can be used in remote sites and moved from tank to tank. This makes them quite versatile. The simplicity of our stationary systems make them cost effect and easy to install. They are easy to use on storage tanks as a permanent filtration solution.

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Why Should I Be Worried About Contamination?

Contaminated diesel fuel being left in a tank can put your efforts in jeopardy.

This fuel can affect any or all cleaning effort put in before filling the tank.

After some time, fuel in bulk diesel can ingress particulate and water contamination from the environment.

Over time, water can result in microbial growth such as bacteria and fungus. Microbial growth is presented from water, air, and contaminated fuel. The contaminated water can become acidic from the microbial growth and can cause severe rust. Water separated from this fuel can prevent these issues.

We know that contamination is a leading cause of diesel repairs and component replacements. Clean fuel is critical to reliable system operation.

In fuel systems, 70 to 90% of wear and failure is contamination related.

Issues such as defects, misuse or age can be traced to only 10 to 30% percent of failures.

Unfortunately, contamination cannot be stopped. However, with Schroeder technology, it can be controlled (or managed)!


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To view the Schroeder Industries Fuel Filter Cart Systems / Mobile Filtration Units, click here.


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