How can the Fluid Care Portal enhance your fluid analysis program?

Regular testing is vital for monitoring trends in your fluid health and preventing problems before they arise. However, tracking results over time for many pieces of equipment takes time and hassle. As part of our testing and fluid analysis services, Schroeder Industries is now offering a smart digital solution for detecting trends in the quality of your hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, process water, and more.

The Fluid Care Portal is a new, powerful digital tool for easily tracking the health of your equipment’s fluid as you test over time:

  • All your data is in one place, versus scattered over spreadsheets or various paper reports.
  • Easily monitor trends in fluid testing data over time, allowing you to detect and resolve contamination issues before they begin impacting your bottom line.
  • Monitor as many equipment assets as you need. Whatever the size of your operation, the Fluid Care Portal allows you to individually monitor the testing results for each piece of equipment.
  • Receive alerts when ISO Code, Water Content, or other parameters are exceeded. In the Fluid Care Portal, users can set target limit profiles for various parameters, creating customized criteria for your most critical components.
Laptop showing image of fluid care portal interface.

A powerful fluid care management tool with a streamlined, user-friendly interface.

The Fluid Care Portal tool is designed with an easy-to-navigate interface with alerts and notifications that can be customized, helping keep your fluid care program on track.

  • Quickly visualize data trends. The Trending tab allows users to instantly generate line graphs for one or more data fields, from any individual fluid sample report. Visualize the history and trend of your equipment’s ISO counts, water content, viscosity, and more.
  • Receive real-time treatments recommendations. When test results indicate increases in contamination or undesirable fluid characteristics, recommended diagnostic and treatment recommendations are provided.
  • Sort assets by category or location to keep large numbers of equipment organized.
  • Customize your notifications. In-app and email notifications can be configured to track your report schedule, assigned tasks and more.
Screenshot of fluid care portal interface showing example of ISO count being trended over time in graph format.

A data-driven filtration plan can reduce downtime and save your operation money.

Clean fluid is key to productivity. If your operation is paying a price for downtime and equipment inefficiency, high contamination is most likely to blame, and every fluid treatment plan requires a robust analysis program to succeed

Hydraulic oil sample kit.

Proactive measures to analyze fluid and prevent contamination provide significant benefits to cost and productivity:

  • Prevent costly equipment failures and downtime before they happen by detecting and treating contaminated fluid.
  • Save money on repairs by protecting system components from contamination and extending their lifespan.
  • Get the most out of your hydraulic oil by detecting and treating contamination before the oil’s life is exhausted. As oil prices continue to rise and hydraulic oil supply lines remain unstable, it’s important to conserve the oil you have!
  • Increase fuel efficiency not just by filtering your fuel source, but by improving overall system efficiency when you reduce contamination-related wear. Clean fuel and efficient operation reduces fuel consumption, cuts carbon emissions, and saves your operation money.

Begin your fluid analysis program with Schroeder Industries!

Backed by decades of expertise in filtration and fluid testing, the experts at Schroeder Industries can analyze your hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, process water and more to determine contamination, likely sources, and recommend treatment strategies. Contact Schroeder to begin your fluid analysis program!

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