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Ensure Roll Off Cleanliness with Component Cleanliness Testing

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What is component cleanliness testing?

Component cleanliness testing offers OEMs the ability to see the cleanliness of the components they are using to build a system. For vendors, it allows them to measure the cleanliness of a component that they manufacture and sell to an equipment manufacturer.

Why is component cleanliness testing important?

Roll off cleanliness for OEMs is increasingly vital as they strive to put out quality product from the assembly line. It’s not enough anymore to simply provide a machine with clean fluid: The cleanliness of the components used to build the machine is playing a large role in overall system performance!

Even suppliers with good cleanliness practices may end up with particulate contamination as items are shipped, handled, and stored. Any amount of contamination on the hydraulic system parts can affect machine performance—even for brand-new machines.

Cleanliness provides the following benefits:

  • Improved quality of produced components
  • Reduction of rework and warranty claims
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in overall production costs
  • Improved operating safety

Interested in component cleanliness testing, but unsure where to begin? Our cleanliness experts can help!

How can I measure component cleanliness?

Schroeder Industries, an expert in contamination control, offers several solutions for monitoring and maintaining component cleanliness.

Our CTU and CTM Modular Series of Component Cleanliness Testing Cabinets were designed to determine the technical cleanliness especially present on minor contaminated components. These Test Cabinets were developed due to increased demand for system cleanliness and for monitoring and optimizing the cleanliness of smaller components during production, storage and system assembly. 

By determining the type, size and quantity of the contamination, quality standards can be checked and documented and the necessary steps towards optimization can be taken.

Benefits to You:

  • Cost reduction through lower production failure rates
  • Identification and elimination of weak process steps
  • Optimization of both internal and external handling processes
  • Establishing of cleanliness standards both internal and external
  • Documentation of component cleanliness
  • Survey of fluid cleanliness and filtration concepts

Learn more about our Component Cleanliness Testing Cabinets:

This self-contained unit is ideal for space-conscious customers testing smaller machine components.

The Cleanliness Test Unit (CTU 1000) determines the type, size and quantity of the contamination. Quality standards can be checked and documented and the necessary steps towards optimization can be taken.

The Contamination Test Module CTM is a modular system designed to analyze the technical cleanliness of components. Solid contamination is washed off the surface of the component, samples are taken from the fluid and are subsequently analyzed using membranes.

For customers needing a more flexible approach, the CTM Modular Series offers extraction box customization for larger size components.


The Contamination Test Module CTM-SC is the central module of the CTM series. It serves as the fluid supply, controls the entire extraction process, and contains the graphical user interface.


The extraction module CTM-EB is designed for spray extraction in conjunction with the CTM-SC. The extraction boxes can be modified based on the size of the components being tested.

Budget limitations? We offer cleanliness testing services!

If a Test Cabinet unit is outside of your budget, Schroeder Industries offers testing services in our on-site Fluid Care Center.

In a clean environment, our technicians will conduct expert testing on your machine components, establishing the foundation for your cleanliness plan.

Benefits of this Turnkey Service:

  • Testing conducted by trained experts for the most accurate results
  • Certified Class 7 clean room eliminates chances of inaccurate results due to additional environmental contamination
  • Expert analysis of the type, size and quantity of contamination enables quality standards to be verified and documented, allowing appropriate cleanliness measures to be established
  • Quoted service based on component type and cleanliness requirements, providing you expert results without the full expense of a Test Cabinet
  • Accurate testing is the foundation of a cleanliness plan that enables reduced failure rates, higher customer satisfaction, and more!

Schroeder Industries can help with your component cleanliness testing needs!

If you would like to have us quote Component Cleanliness Testing of your parts, please contact us using the form below. We will review the components to be tested and method to determine the desired gravimetric or ISO code required.

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Protect Your Reservoir During Offline Filtration & Sampling with RFSA

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Hydraulic fluid contamination is a constant danger for hydraulic systems, and contamination frequently occurs during the reservoir sampling and filling processes.

The Schroeder Reservoir Filtration System Adapter (RFSA) is a solution for continuous protection of fluid during sampling and filling processes.

To minimize airborne contamination, the RFSA provides an air tight seal when extracting fluids through the breather space on a tank or direct from a filter system. It also consistently upholds filter medium and breather protection, which are important steps to keeping solid particles out of fluid.

Protection During Offline Filtration

The RFSA is engineered for compatibility with a wide range of Schroeder Filter Systems products, enabling a secure connection during offline filtration processes. Suitable companion filter systems include: KLS/KLD/MFS/MFD, HFS-BC, MFD-BC, MFD-MV, MFS/MFD-HV, TDS-A, AMFS, FS, MTS

The RFSA* is made with an aluminum body and gives a kidney loop filter direct access to a reservoir through a breather port.

*See also Schroeder’s Reservoir Breather Fluid Sampling Adapter (RBSA).

Both adapters allow the tank to remain sealed during kidney loop filtration and fluid sampling to reduce contaminate ingression.

Markets and Opportunities

Any market that has a need for fluid to pass through the filter is a perfect environment for the Schroeder RFSA. Heavy equipment operating in dirty or dusty environments pose the increasingly big challenge of keeping contaminants out of tanks. These are the folks that can largely benefit from an RFSA. Markets including:

Watch on YouTube “RFSA | New Product Release + What’s New In Filter Systems”.

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