Thank you for visiting Schroeder Industries at WasteExpo 2024!

Below are brochures highlighting the curated selection of Schroeder’s premium filtration products showcased at Booth #1814. For more information on any of these products, feel free to reach out to

L-2740 Schroeder Industries Corporate Brochure

Spotlight on Sustainability

L-4991 Energy Sustainability Initiative Brochure

  • Detailed overview of Energy Sustainability Initiative principles
  • Overview of how each product group intersects with the initiative
  • Examples of sustainability-focused Schroeder products and services

L-5103 Alternative Fuels Brochure

  • Schroeder solutions & product for CNG filtration
  • Schroeder solutions & products for Hydrogen & Gas filtration
  • Energy Sustainability Initiative overview

Featured Filtration Technology

L-5114 GPT Brochure

  • Introduction to new GPT hydraulic filter
  • Overview of features and benefits
  • Overview of technical specifications

L-5044 Air Fusion Technology Brochure

  • How Air Fusion Technology compares against the traditional return line filter
  • Next Generation Tank Optimization
  • Complete Tank Optimization Solutions
  • Benefits of reducing Tank Size

L-5088 Fleet Filtration Management Brochure

  • Schroeder products beneficial for fleet operations
  • Schroeder BestFit® options
  • Mobile Filtration System Options
  • Fluid Conditioning Kits
  • Stationary Filtration System Options
  • Bulk Fuel Conditioning

L-4263 Fuel Filtration Brochure

The Fuel Filtration Brochure will provide:
  • Filtration & Condition Monitoring Solutions
  • Products for Bulk Storage
  • Products for Condition Monitoring
  • Products for Mobile Equipment

Quality Protection Brochure

  • Information on what Quality Protection with Schroeder Industries means
  • Details on why Quality Protection is needed, and why end users need it
  • Return on Investment
  • Statistics on why Quality Protection is the right choice
  • Expected Retention Rate

TNK Series Brochure

The TNK Series Brochure will provide:
  • Hydraulic Tank Overview
  • Features & Benefits of TNK Series
  • 5 Performance Optimized TNK Sizes
  • Flow Trajectory & Downsizing Case Study

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