Electric Drive (E-Drive) Media

An optimized filtration solution for your electric-powered equipment!

  • E-Drive Media features a low pressure drop, which is critical for electric hydraulic systems with low energy requirements to run efficiently. Reducing the pressure drop associated with a filter element by even a few psi extends battery life and increases cost-effectiveness.
  • Potential for reduced horsepower requirements. In certain applications, the E-Drive Media pressure drop is low enough that OEMs can downsize horsepower requirements for additional energy and cost savings.
  • Superior filtration. The all-new specialty formulated, high efficiency, low differential pressure media is crafted with signature Schroeder Industries quality to protect machine components and minimize downtime.

Lower Pressure Drop & Increase Savings With E-Drive Media!

*Assuming electric driven operation at 65% efficiency. $ Savings based on energy cost of $0.15/kw-hr & ~6000 hours per year on an electric driven operation.

(SCB) Sustainable Cartridge Bowl

Spin-on cans just got more sustainable!

  • Reduced cost per changeout. Because the patented housing bowl is reusable, only the filter element needs changed, reducing the cost per changeout and providing exponential savings over time.
  • Increased revenue from spare element sales. Opting for the more cost-effective and eco-friendly SCB filter is a no-brainer for MROs/end users. Combined with private label customization, which is proven to increase aftermarket retention in filter element sales, the opportunity for increased revenue for OEMs is significant.
  • Positive impact on carbon footprint. The SCB’s unique design makes it much more sustainable compared to a standard spin-on can:
    • 99% reduction in wasted scrap metal due to reusable bowl and coreless element design
    • 87% less oil waste, as oil does not become trapped and discarded with the housing
    • 88% reduction in CO2 emissions overall
  • Schroeder’s premium quality. Schroeder Industries products are all engineered for reliability and superior performance, protecting OEM equipment and reducing warranty claims. The SCB features higher pleat counts and lower pressure drop for improved filtration.

Going Green, Saves Green: Exponential Savings with the SCB!

*Estimate assuming a regular filter element changing schedule

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