What is Quality Protection?

Far to often, customers make purchasing decisions based solely on price, only to be extremely disappointed with the poor quality delivered by low-cost imitations. To make the matter worse, the customer often points an accusing finger at the filter housing manufacturer for poor performance, rather than the inadequate element they used as a replacement. That is where Quality Protection is the answer

Quality Protection Means:

  • End users cannot use “will-fit”, low quality elements
  • OEM’s will capture aftermarket revenue; exponential growth year over year
  • Increase in machine productivity and reliability
  • Overall reduction in warranty claims
  • Peace of Mind!

If you’ve ever experienced downtime with your hydraulic equipment, you know how costly and frustrating it can be. Just because you have a filter in place, it doesn’t mean that you are capturing the particulate that prevents your equipment from performing at the level it should be at. Cut-rate imitations may claim that “All filtration elements are guaranteed to meet or surpass all specifications of the original equipment manufacturer” but that’s not always the case. Take a look at the numbers below and see for yourself:

ElementsSchroeder KZ5“Will-Fit” replacement
# of pleats8071
Pleat Height (in)0.630.61
Media Layers65
DHC (g)11984.3
Beta 2004.812.2
Beta 10006.318.1
ElementsSchroeder 27KZ1“Will-Fit” replacement
# of pleats8071
Pleat Height (in)0.630.61
Media Layers65
DHC (g)378.1233.1
Beta 200<412.4
Beta 1000<418.3

Why do my end users need Quality Protection?

Hydraulic system downtime and repairs represent a significant portion of overall costs to end users. As much as 70% of all premature machine failures can be attributed to contamination (ref. NORIA Corp.). Adding in superior filtration to your end user’s hydraulic system will help prevent premature machine failures and keep uncontrolled contamination effects from occurring. Here is a graph that shows the average percentage of costs per uncontrolled contamination effect versus the cost of superior filtration:

Geo Seal®|Patented Quality Protection
US Patent D658740

The element grommet and mating bushing are given a new geometric shape

  • Provides a unique way for OEMs to retain replacement element business and keeps a filter’s performance at the level it was supplied

GH6, GH9, GH11, & GH14
HydraSPIN Filters

Only filters to offer a full range of a cartridge style element, but in a robust metal housing

  • Up to 35 gpm (130 L/min) HydraSPIN Filters (GH6 & GH9),
    Up to 87 gpm (325 L/min) HydraSPIN Filters (GH11 & GH14)
  • Capable of delivering the best performance solution for any application hydrostatic or CVT application challenge

Private Label Branding
Outerwraps & End-Cap Etching

This program allows for custom-branding a high performing Schroeder product

  • Our filter housings, elements, spin-ons, and air breathers come with the option of Private Label Branding; your brand identity logo on a high-performing filtration solution from Schroeder
  • Assures that OEM’s and end-users get the highest performance original fit elements, but recognize the product as branded per our partner’s logo identity

Air Fusion Technology

Patent Pending In-tank filter design

  • Lightweight and as part of a tank optimization package can reduce
    reservoir size
  • Lock & Key Quality Protected, OEM specific interfaces available
  • Superior de-aeration performance
  • 360 degree swivel connection. Lines stay connected during element changeouts
  • Part of Schroeder Industries 2030 Initiative

Lock & Key
Quality-Protected Design for OEMs

Patent protected design that can be customizable to specific OEM requirements

  • The bushing acts like a lock and the end cap acts as a key and only a matched “Lock & Key” will allow the element to seal on the bushing
  • Unique and customizable patterns for OEMs to “own” an exclusive design for their equipment
  • Currently utilized in high pressure housings and AFT technologies

What’s in it for me?

Not only will your hydraulic equipment perform at the level originally supplied at, but Quality Protection can also provide you with an increase in aftermarket retention year over year.
The graphs below show the expected retention rate with each additional level of Quality Protection:

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