Portable, Flexible Measurement and Data Logging

With expansive data storage capacity and the flexibility to track many sensors simultaneously, the HMG 4000 offers comprehensive measurement and data logging

Features & Benefits

  • Capable of recording up to 38 sensors at once, 8 analog, 2 digital sensors and 28 HSCI sensors via CAN bus position.
  • Up to 100 measurement channels can be depicted simultaneously
  • High-speed measuring rate, up to 8 sensors at 0.1 ms at a time.
  • Rapid and automatic basic setting of the device by means of automatic sensor detection
  • Analogue inputs 0.. 20 mA, 4 .. 20 mA Voltage 0 .. 50V, -10 .. 10 V
  • PT 100/1000 input
  • Connection to a CAN bus system (also J1939)
  • Simple and user-friendly operation, intuitive menu
  • Practical, robust design
  • Very large data memory for archiving measurement curves. Enables the storage of 500 measurements with up to 8 Million measured values
  • Various measurement modes: Measuring, Fast curve recording, Long term measurements
  • Recording of dynamic processes “online” in real time
  • Event-driven measurements with several triggering options
  • Programming function for HYDAC switch devices
  • PC interface via USB
  • USB Host connection for USB memory sticks
  • Convenient visualization, archiving and data processing using the HMGWIN software