FBO Replacement Element

Schroeder Industries has developed the BestFit replacement element series based upon Competitor P’s FBO Series filters, providing replacements for both particulate and water removal elements in the field. The BestFit Coalescing design allows for our patented coalescing water removal filtration technology to be used within the Competitor P’s FBO Series filters found in the field today, providing improvements in water removal efficiency* and an improvement in particulate retention** and filter element service life.
The BestFit Particulate design incorporates the same advantages our Z-media brings to fuel filtration with improved particulate removal efficiency and capacity.
Along with improved performance comes a design that incorporates components that prevent degradation and eliminate the potential for corrosion.

  • Synthetic filtration media eliminates degradation due to high water content fuel
  • Stainless steel and polymer material of construction provide a robust and corrosion-resistant structure
  • Uses patented, three-stage coalescing filtration technology
  • Provides 1.88x the filtration surface of the OEM design
  • Performs greater than 99.5% efficient at removing particles smaller than 4 micron size
  • Coalescing technology provides significant reduction in operating costs in comparison to absorbing technology, due to benefit of “bottomless” water removal capacity

CNG Superior Filtration

  • Replacement element kits designed for Competitor P Finite J-Series housings in common sizes and media grade equivalents
  • Currently available in 4C, 10C, and WS media grade equivalents, using pleated microglass media for extended service life with exceptional performance
  • The element kits include the replacement bowl seals, designed to fit the competitor housings in the full range of sizes

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