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Diagnostics and Electronics at Schroeder Industries

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Electronic Sensors

The use of electronic sensors in industrial and mobile machines to monitor the health of the equipment is becoming critical.

Machines have become more complex and are required to perform more tasks.

There is almost no application that could not be monitored by Schroeder’s Electronic Sensors.

Our electronic sensors provide an insight into the functionality, efficiency and reliability of the machine. The operator can use the data from these sensors as an alert to when something has gone wrong with the system.

A temperature sensor can be used to notice that the upper temperature limit of the fluid has been reached.

The user then knows to shut down the machine and look for the cause of the elevated temperature.

The range of sensors includes products for measuring temperature, flow, pressure and fluid level in a tank or reservoir.

This also covers sensors for fluid Diagnostic Tools with Fluid Backgroundcontamination monitoring and oil condition.

Included with the electronic sensors are the data acquisition tools.

Hand-held measuring and data logging devices can be easily connected to the sensors in the system. They are used to view and record measured values in a hydraulic system relative to the pressure, temperature, flow rate and other sensors incorporated into the machine.

The measured values can then be transferred to your computer for processing, graphing and evaluation of the data gathered. Using this data, decisions can be made on when to schedule downtime to perform system maintenance. This can also show how to best troubleshoot a system to determine the root cause of a system failure.


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What do Diagnostics Tools have to do with Oil Conditioning Units?

When you pair the elite technology found in today’s oil conditioning units with the new-age of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology in most diagnostic tools on the market today, you really step into the future in a real effort of streamlining tedious oil sampling/reporting tasks in a complete system.

The two technologies together are what we like to call proactive “Contamination Control.”

This is taking ownership and managing the fluids you pump into your hydraulic systems day-in and day-out.

“Contamination Control” pertains to the ISO clean analysis and optimization of processes with regard to the cleanliness of components, systems and the purity of the fluids used.

“Contamination Control” is also an important part of operating and maintaining hydraulic systems, like a hydraulic filter cart.


Watch on YouTube “Ep. 1 – Electricity BASICS | Industry Fundamentals of Electronics & Electro-Hydraulics” Playlist.


What is Internet of Things (IoT)? Product Support from the Experts at JarvisXR.

The Internet of Things (IoT), can be compared to “the cloud” that many people use on their phones.

It is a network that works within fluid sensors and condition monitoring software.

Using IoT for fluid conditioning is easier and more environmentally friendly than past methods.

This helps keep track of what stage your hydraulic fluid is at.

Fortunately, Schroeder Industries offers a full-line of top-tier sensors to catch less-than-ideal hydraulic fluid before it enters the system.

Schroeder understands that fluids sensors are a relatively new technology. Anything IoT related can be overwhelming


IoT and Electronic Integration

IoT applications are offered within multiple Schroeder product lines.

Only this time, these diagnostics read and report in the form of mineral oil cleanliness.

The newest equipment IoT can be found in are our Starter Kits.

These plug-and-play Condition Monitoring Starter Kits provide in a single purchase order the:

  • The technology
  • Necessary cables
  • Hoses
  • Wires

Everything operations managers need to start monitoring their hydraulic equipment.

These kits allows a user to continuously monitor their fluid and condition monitoring data. Online, real time condition monitoring allows you to have total predictive maintenance.


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How can Schroeder Industries help?

It starts with the identification and measurement of the different forms of contamination.

Our line of condition monitoring products include both in-line and offline sensors to measure contamination and/or total moisture levels of the hydraulic system.

If the contamination levels are at a certain degree, our end users have seen dramatically frequent equipment failure.

If monitoring is the first step, fluid conditioning products would be the second.

Our line of offline, mobile fluid handling carts are perfect for removing contaminants and increasing overall moisture removal rate from various types of hydraulic fluids.


For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries‘ Diagnostics (IoT), click here.