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Medium Pressure Base-Ported Filters and Schroeder Industries

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For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries Base-Ported:
  • Medium Pressure Filters, 500-1400 psi (35 – 100 bar), click here.

Being within our Hydraulic & Lubrication family means that contamination will be removed from your hydraulic power equipment. Using our filter technology will extend the life of your fluid power system components in your hydraulic systems.

Our base-ported products are the workhorse team members of industrial settings.

Because of our 2030 Initiative and focus on wanting to build a cleaner environment for the present and future, we keep that initiative going with our medium pressure base ported filters.

These elements employ changeouts that minimize oil spillage and efficiency in hydraulic pumps.

To learn more about our 2030 Initiative, click here.

Our Base-Ported Filters are extremely versatile and can typically be used alone or in series.

The mounting of the filter housing body also has the ability to be compatible with several of our competitor’s filter heads.

Several medium base-ported components are intellectual property (patent pending).

Medium Pressure Base Ported Filters on Fluid Background

Most base-ported filters can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position.

The flexibility in orientation can lead to various customization mounting configurations to further facilitate multi-state hydraulic fluids filtration functions.

The versatility of these filters make them easy to work with competing elements. Allowing consolidation of inventoried replacement elements.

What Does a Hydraulic Filter Do?

As a refresher, further Hydraulic and Lube Filtration education can be found here.

With a sturdy construction, our filters are designed to withstand harsh and demanding working environments.

The base ported structure also allows for more heavy duty element selections for improved filtration performance.

Medium Pressure Filters, 500 – 1500 psi (35 – 100 bar)

  • Element change out from top minimizes oil spillage
  • Can be fitted with test points for oil sampling



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With the help of a full selection of fluid monitoring sensors and devices, there is a base-ported filter for every industrial application. 


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For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries Base-Ported:
  • Medium Pressure Filters, 500-1400 psi (35 – 100 bar), click here.


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