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High Pressure Base-Ported Filters and Schroeder Industries

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For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries Base-Ported:
  • High Pressure Filters, 3000 – 6000 psi (210 – 415 bar), click here.

Our Base-Ported Filters are separated into two pressure groups. High Pressure and Medium Pressure.

High Pressure Base Ported Filters on Fluid BackgroundHigh Pressure and Medium Pressure share many factors in common. One example being that their filtration functions remove contamination from hydraulic power equipment. Because of contamination removal, the life of your fluid power system components in hydraulic systems is extended.

With a sturdy construction, our filters are designed to withstand harsh and demanding working environments.

As a refresher, further Hydraulic and Lube Filtration education can be found here.

Because of Schroeder’s innovation, we have patented technology within our filters. This patent is seen in our dirt-tolerant cap design. This makes it easy for dirt to stay out of the filter, even if it comes near the cap.

Several components are intellectual property (patent pending).

Within the manifold mounting of certain filters, a dual filter is offered.

These filters meet the HF4 standard for filter elements. Almost all of them can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position.

Out of the 11 Filters in this category, 4 of them are offered with GeoSeal technology. GeoSeal typically offers the ability for same day shipment.

High Pressure Filters, 3000 – 6500 psi (210 – 450 bar)

  • Conventional, sub-plate porting
  • Integral inlet and outlet female test points option available
  • Element change out from top minimizes oil spillage


Schroeder Industries offers customizable options for all of our filter elements. We can and will find the perfect match for your application!

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For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries Base-Ported:
  • High Pressure Filters, 3000 – 6000 psi (210 – 415 bar), click here.


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