Self-Flushing Filter

Self-Flushing Filter Results in Better Economic Impact

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L-4946 TAB Title Self-Flushing Filter

  • Customer experienced clogged furnace spray nozzles due to a neglected cooling tower.Industries for Self-Flushing Filter
  • Small plastic fines from the cooling tower stopped cooling water to furnace wall resulting in a melted wall. Luckily no one was injured.
  • Filtration of 100 micron was targeted for a 36 inch flooded water pipe.
  • A basket strainer would have to be very large to meet the flow and pressure drop requirements.
  • The basket strainer would require periodic maintenance to clean, stopping the water flow and system processes – at $10,000 per hour of lost production.

What We Did: Schroeder Industries employed the RF-3-5 self-flushing filter with uninterrupted flow and only 3-7 PSI drop while flushing.

Course of action

  1. Schroeder Industries chose to use the Automatic Flush Filter RF Series because it removes particulate and flushes automatically.
  2. The variable housing configurations provide the inlet and outlet flanges and the back-flush line to be arranged in various positions, making it possible to integrate the filter easily into any system geometry.



Customer Success Story

  • 6 Automatic Backflush Filter RF-3s have been purchased over the last 5 years.
  • Implementing the RF3 helped with cost-savings of labor and down-time. Less chemically treated water required for backwashing resulting in lower environmental impact and chemical cost savings.
  • The uninterrupted water supply was the most important aspect in the purchases of the RF3.
  • Uninterrupted cooling spray for continuous production.
  • Self-flushing requires no labor costs.Underlying Values
  • Safe and maintenance free.
  • Caster
  • Roll Mill
  • Beam Mill for nozzle protection
  • Pump & Heat Exchanger Protection

RF3: Automatic Backflush Filter Technologies

Flow Range: 6600 – 10,790 gpm (25,000-40,850 L/min)
Working Pressure: 87 psi (6 bar)
Max Working Temperature: 194○
Empty Weight: 2250 lbs. (10200 kg)
Housing Volume: 168 gallons (635L)
Filter Area: 8640 in.2 (55,760 cm2)
No. of Filter Element: 24