Comprehensive Fluid Management

Equipped with automated processes that make filtration and tracking data from multiple hydraulic assets simple, the AMFS provides comprehensive support for your filtration needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to operate 5gpm Mobile filtration cart that offers asset specific trending and reporting for hydraulic fluids up to 1000SUS
  • The AMFS records fluid cleanliness levels throughout operation and can be programmed to shut down when a user-selected target ISO code is met, conserving power
  • Provides complete tracking of hydraulic fluid conditions by equipment name for ease of use with multiple equipment assets
  • Includes automatic record-keeping, trending, and analysis of the fluid
  • Dual staged filters for both water and/or contaminated removal bypass valve allows cart to be used as a transfer cart, with real-time displays for cleanliness and water saturation

Schroeder Success Story: AMFS to the Rescue for Refuse Fleet

When a refuse fleet operating 100 trucks experienced frequent hydraulic system component failure and decreased fluid life, Schroeder’s experts implemented a fluid conditioning strategy using the AMFS.

Oil Service Life Increased +1.5 Years

+9.3K Galls of Oil Saved Annually

200% ROI after 1 Year AMFS Usage